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YMMV / The Brave of Gold: Goldran

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  • Awesome Music:
    • "The Greatest Pinch in History" begins a marked contrast to the kiddy, pre-Serious music. It generally sounds like 'the base is exploding and we need to get out NOW' music.
    • "Ichigeki-Hissatsu!" ("One-hit Sure-kill"), but it's difficult to find isolated so here's a scene where it gets used properly.
  • Broken Base: While it was the most popular entry among younger viewers (at least during its initial airing), the reactions of older Super Robot Genre fans were... mixed, to say the least. A good part of the show's humor relies on an understanding of Japanese pop culture in the 90s, which doesn't help matters, and most of the show used to be unsubbed on top of thatnote . In the new century it tends to be very forgotten (being pointedly ignored by Super Robot Wars), making the debate, when it comes up, still fiercer.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Captain Shark. Even those who hate the show can't get enough of him, for obvious reasons.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Serious Walzac. It is heavily implied that his mother is dead, and his father is a ruthless bastard who's willing to kill his own children if they don't live up to his expectations. His only real friend is his dog Layzer. And guess what. It dies. At the same time, Walter makes it very clear that he loves and respects Serious beyond any professional obligations, so it takes a while for the 'woobie' part to become clear.

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