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YMMV / The Birthday Massacre

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Does the "friend" from "Happy Birthday" actually exist, or is he just the hallucinatory manifestation of the speaker's homicidal urges?
    • "Kill the Lights:" Deeply cynical song about how fairy tales are all fake, but we have to pretend that they're real so we don't realise how depressing our world really is and commit suicide, or a simple breakup song comparing the story of two lovers to fairy tales and how it didn't work out, unlike the tales?
  • Awesome Music:
    • Subjective of course but: "Red Stars" for the ethereal vocals and epic riff, "Holiday" for the tune, "Remember Me" for the poignancy, "Blue" for the epic mood whiplash, and "Looking Glass" for being so damn catchy.
    • Have Audiosurf? Have "Nowhere"? Play them together, the result is a bit unexpected awesome.
    • "And for the first time, she feels, just... fine." Cue the epic ending.
  • "Common Knowledge": There are no videos for "Velvet" and "Make Believe." Some fans believe that there are, but the two videos thought to be "Velvet" and "Make Believe" are old demos of "Blue" and "Violet."
    • "To Die For", especially the bridge.


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