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Headscratchers / The Birthday Massacre

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  • How did the lover in "Lovers End" get from being 'in the cellar buried six feet deep' to 'underneath the cellar floor'?
    • Because being buried six feet deep in the cellar would mean you're underneath the cellar floor?
    • I thought they meant that the cellar was six feet below ground and the lover was in the cellar.
      • Nope, "six feet deep/under" is a colloquial expression meaning "buried in a grave."
    • Then what's with 'nails clawing splinters from the ceiling and floor / shrieking like the witches till his stitches are sore'?
      • Oh. He's buried in a coffin. Now I feel like an idiot for not working that out quicker.
  • Why didn't the song "Nothing and Nowhere" appear on the album Nothing and Nowhere?
    • Sometimes, musicians do that. A more well-known example is Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" not appearing on the album of the same name, but rather on the subsequent album Physical Graffiti.
  • Who actually writes TBM's songs? This troper's heard a lot of theories — Chibi writes them, Rainbow writes them, everyone writes them... It's extremely confusing. Can anyone help?
    • The Other Wiki lists the songwriters for "Video Kid," "Nevermind," and "Violet" as Chibi/M. Falcore/OE/Rainbow.
  • In the "Blue" video, in the bits with the dolls walking around the maze, what was with the chair that randomly got dragged around and the doll that ended up sitting in the chair? What was that about?
    • Better question — what was the entire video about?!
  • Does anyone have a clue about why there's a giant fucking clock on their website? Or why the numerals changed from Mayan (I think) to Roman? Or why the numbers are back to normal now?
    • It's got something to do with their new album. A countdown, I think, or something along those lines.
      • But it's not a countdown.
      • Above poster here: I stand corrected.
  • Does anyone have any ideas about what "Pins and Needles" (the song, not the album) is about?
    • I'm not sure what it is officially about, but to me it seems to be about worries/fears about the future, the verses talk about how good everything used to be while the chorus could apply to just about anything, but again I think it's just reminiscing about a better past. The line: "They live in the heartbeat and sleep 'til the light is gone," I think it makes sense to assume 'they' are worries or fears, that they always seem worse at nighttime. In fact the whole song sounds like someone was just lying awake at night stressing about the future.
      • That makes a lot of sense. I'm still disturbed by the 'to the bed / the left unsaid / crawl in from outside my window, hands red / and cold as the dead / a pity they're not pretty, like they used to be' bit, though... Partially because I can't figure out how it relates to the song, and partially because I really don't want to know what it means...
  • Synth-Pop/Alternative? To be honest I always thought they were Gothic Metal. (At least the harsher parts of their songs... Especially "Blue.")
    • TBM laughs at this thing you call genre.
    • I'm sure Chibi will be; This Troper just told her about this site.
    • Nope, synth pop is a pretty accurate term. They're not metal and they are definitely not gothic metal.
    • They sound like a darker toned Synthpop band with the occasional Industrial Metal / Rock elements, not unlike Julien K
  • Does the friend turn on the narrator at the end of "Happy Birthday," or am I totally misinterpreting the story?
    • Honestly, nobody's sure. The line in question (I'm assuming you mean 'Now he chases me to my room / in my black and red dress') could mean a variety of things — he could indeed be trying to kill her, or they could be racing to the bed, or they could be playing...


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