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  • Designated Hero: Steve, to an extent. We are not supposed to question Marty's entire existence being reduced to being Steve's magic slave, and the show never seems to acknowledge that it is completely Steve's fault that Marty is dead.
  • Designated Villain:
    • The pilot makes it clear that Marty should have been damned to hell, and this is only leviated by sheer virtue of him being underage. What the hell did he do?
      • Apparently he was quite the troublemaker in life.
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    • Burger World, the fast food company that made the Death Burger. Steve says in the pilot that Marty’s parents sued the company, despite the fact that it was Steve who carelessly left the burger discarded under his own bed for over half a year. This would have been brought up in court, and, adding to Steve’s Designated Hero above, Burger World would be let go and Steve would be reprimanded.
  • Fridge Horror: When Marty initially dies, we see a trippy sequence with creepy music and Steve's room breaking apart behind him while he chews on the poison burger. Now imagine what it was like from Steve's point of view...
  • Funny Moments: "You have a problem in your life, and for once I didn't cause it!" <Cue balloons & high fives>
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • "Back to DePolo" features Marty trying to prevent his death by going back in time and stopping himself from eating the poison hamburger, which leads to Steve eating it instead. Each attempt to change the past leads to another character eating the burger, until it reaches the point that everyone on the cast has eaten it and died. Marty then decides he has to be the one to die, and the other characters tell him that they're glad he wound up in heaven and they got to see him one more time, even if they won't remember it.
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    • In the last episode "Look Ma, No Face" Marty finds a girl that he liked when he was alive liked him back. He pretends to be a foreign exchange student so he can woo her. Eventually he learns he can't win at this and gently breaks her heart so she can love somebody who's alive.
    • Despite mostly using his powers for frivolous purposes and only being an Angel in the first place as a form of punishment, Marty decides to visit an elderly woman and help her pass on peacefully and guide her to heaven once he learns that she could see him because her time was almost up, rather than let her die alone. Rod's warm encouragement of this makes it all the much better.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: A victim of an inversion. Both Teen Angel and You Wish (a show about a family that adopts a genie) were created to cash-in on the popularity on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but with a male protagonist. Both Teen Angel and You Wish were cancelled early on, whereas Sabrina remained a huge 90's cultural icon and ran to death.
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  • Ho Yay: Steve and Marty seemed to be a bit closer than best friends.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The music when Marty initially eats the poison burger, as well as the different music when Steve eats the burger (during the time travel episode).
  • Retroactive Recognition: Steve's Aunt Pam is Berta.


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