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YMMV / Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

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  • Awesome Music: Sky Marshall Omar Anoke's big hit is awesome. It also seems to encourage less blind obedience than you would think of a pop song produced by a military-led government. "It's a good day to die...when you know the reasons why!" Probably because the ambiguity makes it Fridge Foreshadowing: Anoke is a traitor who literally thinks the humans all dying in battle, sooner rather than later, is a good thing.
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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: That's the one where everyone but the chick from Enterprise gets naked, right?
  • Ear Worm: There's a good reason why Sky Marshal Omar Anoke's song "It's a Good Day to Die" is such a hit...
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: Johnny Rico could be seen as a satirical take on this, given the film's overall tone. He is held responsible for the Federation's defeat at Roku San and executed, then returns from the dead to save the true believers. Of course, the defeat was the fault of someone at a much higher level than his, his death was faked, and his timely intervention was long set up to happen regardless of whether Lola found religion in a foxhole. Naturally, the Federation embraces the Almighty as their new ally against the Bugs, encouraging the citizenry to join the flock.
  • Special Effects Failure: The sequels to the original, and "Marauder" to "Hero of The Federation" (though only because "Hero" bought back Tippett Studio for the bugs)... Additionally, since the majority of the bugs were created via CGI, and thus, were never on set for the actors to aim at, the troopers often end up pointing their rifles over the bugs' heads during the battle sequences.
    • The Scorpion bugs also look fairly cheesy, and the CG on the Marauders is a bit lackluster in some shots.
  • Strawman Has a Point: While the overall treatment of religion in the film can be grating, and Lola's Straw Atheist perspective frustrating, she does make one excellent point. When the Sky Marshall informs everyone that his definition of "God" is Behemcoaytl, the equally-religious (in a more conventional sense) Holly immediately suggests killing him. Lola's scathing response? "Why? Because he's crazy? Or because he believes in God just like you?" Holly's plaintive reply of "But it's the wrong God!" pretty much sums up every violent religious disagreement in history.
    • Mind you, the point is a weak one given "the wrong God" is a perfectly valid defense when said God is out to genocide humanity (the race out to genocide his species) and The Mole had been pretending they were worshiping the same religion the entire time. All religions being equally valid is a viewpoint held by only a minor number of people among faithful.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Compared to the second film, which was a straight-up horror flick, this one at least tries to capture the satire of the original film, with much better FedNet broadcasts and bringing religion into the mix.
    • The battles are less frustating due to improved tactics in the humans and use of the titular Marauders , but the Jingoism is much more clear as well. Its both a better action film and satire at the same time. Just look above at the Awesome Music.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: The Federal Detention Facility has seen "the greatest number of hangings since the 21st century."
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  • You Look Familiar: Jolene Blalock, who played T'Pol in Star Trek: Enterprise. Those hoping to see more skin than she'd already displayed in her obligatory decontamination room scenes in ST:ENT were disappointed.


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