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Funny / Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

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  • The news clip in the film's opening, touting the Mobile Infantry's newest secret weapon: The Shovel! The Terran Federation has finally progressed to Trench Warfare in their tactics playbook.
    • Which may still count as bad Hollywood Tactics, since trench warfare wasn't that effective even when it was invented.
    • Trench Warfare was quite effective for hundreds of years as a defensive tactic, and even as a siege tactic (allowing attacking troops to progressively dig their way closer and closer to an enemy fortification). The reasons it fell out of favor included the rapid increase in firepower making it far more difficult for either side to get out of the trenches to advance, and the rise of airpower negating many of the two-dimensional advantages of earthworks (which, all that said, are still used to this day). That said, an interstellar war can be safely assumed to be a very three-dimensional affair, calling into question many of the advantages of surrounding a strategic location with earthworks and static fortifications.
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  • Followed by one trooper being impaled by a shovel when a Bug Bomb goes off.
  • And then, Colonel Rico shows up, while the medics are collecting the various dismembered body parts from the explosion. He turns to one of the surviving troopers, motions to a nearby severed arm, and gives us this line:
    Hey trooper! Give us a hand! Pick up that arm and find out who it belongs to!
  • Sky Marshall Anoke is introduced as not only being a beloved general, but also a beloved pop star, performing a glurgy patriotic song and dance for a cheering audience, complete with follow-the-bouncing-ball lyrics. The song, called "It's A Good Day to Die (When You Know The Reason Why)", has to be seen to be believed. And then the propaganda newscaster still manages to undercut the government message by throwing a sales pitch for Sky Marshall Anoke merchandise, saying that it's a Good Day to Buy.
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  • Rico's new squad have to strip naked as part of the preparation for being paired with their Powered Armor. For some reason. One of the guys is a bit shy, and strips last. Cue the female trooper next to him coyly Eating the Eye Candy and remarking "Now we know why his momma calls him 'Slug'."
  • The Sky Marshall asking Behemacoytl to kill Lola and Holly. After a rousing speech about negotiating a lasting peace and fostering understanding and communication, he caps it off by shouting "And they're fucking it up!"


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