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YMMV / StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops

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  • Angst? What Angst?: If you let Delta and Pierce get killed (or don't rescue them), Nova shakes it off with a "They didn't make it".
    • Which can be really glaring if you were a fan of the comics and know what Nova and Delta's relationship is suppose to be like.
  • Broken Base: Having a sidestory centered around Nova. On one hand, people are happy that she's finally getting her chance to shine after Nova's original game Starcraft Ghost got postponed indefinitely, and that her appearances within the Starcraft 2 trilogy were pathetically Out of Focus, and even fans of Heroes of the Storm is happy that Nova gets more variative than what that game presented her (as a Sniper Ghost, in this game she gets a lot more nifty tools than just a sniper rifle). Others are just sick of Blizzard trying to continuously push this character, and would rather see the company put their focus on something else especially since the other draw of Ghost, playing WITHIN the Starcraft world instead of over it, isn't touched on at all.
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  • Like You Would Really Do It: Valerian abdicating the throne. Many players see this as a tactic, and that he has a plan to turn the tables in the third pack. Sure enough, it was just a trick to bait Davis into a position where he could have her arrested.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The leader of the Defenders of Man, General Davis, crossed it when she decided to actively use enhanced Psi emitters to attract massive Zerg invasions on civilian Dominion planets, killing millions of people, for the sole purpose of discrediting Valerian.
  • That One Level: The fifth mission, 'Night Terrors'. On the surface, it's basically a redo of 'Welcome to the Jungle' from Wings Of Liberty (fighting a Protoss team for control of several terrazine deposits, first one to harvest five wins), except you also have to deal with a crap-load of Zerg entrenched around all of the terrazine deposits that you have to clear out and will also swarm both your harvesting teams and your base simultaneously. Plus they have infested Siege Tanks.
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  • That One Achievement: "Catch Me If You Can" requires the player to finish the seventh mission in four minutes. The player either needs a map or has to know the level layout by heart to know the fastest routes to take, and then you need a specific equipment loadout to take those routes efficiently while also needing to give Nova stimpacks for healing because she'll be too busy running around to the objectives to fight back. The result is a very tight time limit that allows little room for error as you make a mad dash through the level getting shot at from all angles hoping your stimpacks are enough to keep you alive.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The first mission pack hinted the Defenders of Man were remnants of the Confederacy. This would have paid off numerous hints through the years that the Confederacy is still operating in secret to undermine Dominion control, tying all of those hints together with the Defenders of Man as a reformed Confederacy attempting to overthrow the Dominion to take back control of the sector, and doing it using the same methods Arcturus used to overthrow them, namely psi disruptors. Instead, the Defenders of Man turn out to be just some Dominion insurgents that are discontented with Valerian's rule and want to depose him.
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  • Underused Game Mechanic: Warhounds and Cyclones are not normally playable (the closest thing would be Nova's mind control on an enemy unit) and cannot be produced by the player, despite the latter being a new addition to Legacy of the Void's multiplayer, and the Liberator being available.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The wrangler in the first cutscene tells Nova to test her cloak... without having any means of detecting her in the chamber. Really, he brought it on himself. Of course, he didn't expect Nova to put up a warning message to herself before she's mind-wiped, but seriously, a professional who doesn't prepare for any chance of things going awry? Yeah. Summed up nicely in this take by Carbot Animations.
    Wrangler: I cannot see you whether your cloaking device is working or not, as you have disappeared from my sight. Nova, can you confirm that it is working? Nova? Nova? I... did not bring detection, why I'm ill prepared—(neck snapped)
    • Big Bad General Davis tries to give a Hannibal Lecture that if Nova kills her, she'll be no different from her. She is telling this to a Super Soldier Professional Killer who has been assassinating political opponents as her job for years. Predictably, Nova promptly shoots (or whatever attack the player uses) her with a simple "Go to hell".
  • Win Back the Crowd: Many fans not initially interested in the mission pack were won over post-release by the unique and fun mission mechanics and/or the story, which has been hailed as more faithful to the spirit of original Starcraft Terran campaigns than Wings of Liberty.

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