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Reigel is the mole
His speech patterns are suspicious. It just screams out "I am evil!". And above all else, who else is capable of teaching civilians how to operate Psi Emitters? Also, he was with the Moebius Foundation, some of Amon's brainwashing may still remain within him.
  • Jossed, it's General Davis, a Dominion general.
    • Jossed even more when Nova disobeys a direct order by killing Davis (instead of capturing her), Reigel sides with Nova rather than Valerian.

Nova is really a traitor twice over due to a botched Memory Gambit.
Several months ago, Nova defected from the Dominion and joined the Defenders of Man. One of their plots involved using a Memory Gambit to allow Dominion Nova to return back to the Dominion to act as a Manchurian Agent for the Defenders of Man. Presumably, they'd find a way to restore Defender Nova once she gets back. Unfortunately, the Wrangler helping Defender Nova with this plot accidentally deleted her memories of joining the Defenders of Man, as well as her reason for betraying the Dominion.
  • Jossed, she was apparently tricked by General Davis into helping the Defenders under the impression they were with the Dominion, then had her memories wiped after she realised what was actually going on.

Reigel's memory gadget was meant to restore Nova's true memories (turn Dominion Nova back into Defender Nova).
This assumes that the WMG above about Reigel being a spy is true. Unfortunately, due to the botched mind-wipe, it doesn't restore Defender Nova, and Space Arthas gets to live another day.
  • Due to the Reigel WMG being jossed, this one is jossed by extension.

Stone is the mole
He was loose and able to talk with Nova in the prison area. He seemed strangely insistent that Nova leave when they reached the shuttle, and was the one who didn't want to contact dominion forces near the prison area.
  • Jossed. However, he didn't escape, and was brainwashed again and confronted Nova to protect Davis, the real mole.

The Defenders of Man are the Confederacy.
They operate out of Tarsonis, they know about Psi Emitters, they have advanced tech at their disposal including Ghosts, and it makes narrative sense, the Confederacy deposing the Dominion the same way Mengsk deposed them.

Valerian will one-up Arcturus in regards to his "greatest mistake".
At some point in the campaign, Nova will be surrounded by enemy forces and request backup from Valerian. But unlike Arcturus, who left Kerrigan behind in a similar situation, Valerian will bring the cavalry in.
  • Jossed. Doesn't end up happening.

The Defenders of Man are actually UED forces.
Stukov did say that they would be back some day.

One of the last (two) mission(s) will be one that discredits the Defenders of Man and puts Valerian's rule back on solid footing
One where the Defenders of Man attempt to stage the feral Zerg attack, but at some point either Zagara's Swarm or a Protoss detachment come in to help save the day thanks to Nova being able to call out for help. I'm positing this because I figure the other would be dealing with the traitor, whomever it will end up being, though I suppose it's possible both could be concluded in the same mission.
  • Confirmed, though Valerian's reputation is vindicated without intervention from the Zerg or Protoss, as Nova managed to capture Davis. Indeed, the Tal'Darim attack that comes afterward only made things worse.

Nova will be forced to kill Stone since he is still being manipulated by the Defenders of Man.
  • Probably General Davis has some sort of TriggerPhrase set to him that will force him to be an obedient slave.
    • Not true in the specifics, but came quite close.

Arcturus Mengsk had an affair with Carolina Davis.
Take a look at the photograph of Mengsk and Davis; it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Mengsk was a disloyal husband in addition to a ruthless leader and a neglectful father. It would also give Davis a far more personal reason to avenge Arcturus.

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