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YMMV / Schizm: Mysterious Journey

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  • Awesome Music: The music outside the temple in Bosh, the tracks when the airship and boat move, and the sudden rock track that plays during the game's credits are prime examples.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The way Hannah's living ship extends and retracts its docking beam can be attributed to...something else.
  • Kudzu Plot: The backstory surrounding Matia is never really explained in-game. At one point you're even outright asked to choose between The Wanderer and the Good Servant, which could either save the planet or destroy it...except you're never given the opportunity to choose, and the game just hand waves what happens at the end.
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  • Narm: Some of the FMV characters don't sound like they're even attempting to act. This may be in part to the way the game was produced; like Detalion's previous game, Reah, most of the actors are Polish and lipsynching to English dialogue, in some places not very well.
  • Squick
    • The Living Ships area could pose as this for some players, given that your footsteps are constantly making squishing noises most of the time.
    • By extension, there's also those spikes in the bridge puzzle, which also make slimy noises when moving.
  • That One Puzzle: As per Detalion's standards, many of the game's puzzles are very hard with very subtle clues, but the one that truly stands out is an AI puzzle near the end of Matia's Zone. It's a game where you have to build a horizontal path across a board before the AI makes a vertical one. But not only that, you have to complete this, four times, and on the latter two rounds, the AI moves first. This repetition factor rather painfully foreshadows how Sentinel: Descendants In Time made Detalion bankrupt.

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