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YMMV / Peggle

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  • Awesome Music: Garnishing the Story with Ode To Joy
  • Gateway Series: Peggle Extreme is a first exposure to addictive puzzle games for many users.
  • Memetic Mutation: Kat Tut is also known as "Ironicat", from one of his stage intros making a reference to irony.
    • The announcement of Peggle 2. The presenter's uncontrollable hype for a very casual game has led to people using his reaction for everything from mundane sequels to actual blockbusters to shitposts.
  • Moment of Awesome: Every single time you win a level with no balls left in reserve.
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  • That One Level: Any level in Peggle Blast where you have to deliver items into the bucket, with no room without the ball. That makes it hard to shoot pegs safely.

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