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  • Base-Breaking Character: Rose. Opinions are sharply divided on her character and actions, and she is viewed as The Scrappy at worst and the Only Sane Man at best. It doesn't help that being trapped in a mirror only makes her lash out, she's been tainted by Conquest, or the fact that she's taken Blake's place in the real world.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Evan. Sympathetic origins, pluck and tenacity above the call of duty, intelligent for an 8-year-old ghost, moral compunctions - and funny to boot.
    • Fell also seems to be shaping up as this.
    • Faysal too. So far the only angel in the series is more fair than most of the people. Even the fact that he's an equal participant in Johannes' horrific demesne scheme and sells information on Blake to anyone who pays is counterbalanced by his politeness, reasonableness, and willingness to talk things over with Blake. Of course, after sending everyone to Limbo that changes.
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    • Green Eyes is a rather appealing character since, despite her lackluster appearance, she's been loyal to Blake and sympathetic...even though she has a differing opinion on what constitutes food.
    • Peter, too, partially due to being able to leverage his history as a con-artist into serving as a Badass Normal, partially because of his Deadpan Snarker sense of humor, and partially because of his willingness to try and deliver Shut Up, Hannibal! speeches in defense of humanity to dangerous antagonists like Barbatorem.
  • Darker and Edgier: Than Worm. Yes, really.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The serial starts off just as dark as Worm was at its worst and just gets worse from there.
    • To be fair, Blake is a much more palatable protagonist than Taylor Hebert ever was.
    • Part of this is that there are many fewer sympathetic characters total. Worm made most of the heroes and Undersiders reasonably sympathetic early on; but Pact takes a long time just to introduce Blake's friends, and when they do their role remains fairly minor overall. The only unquestionably sympathetic main character for much of the early story is Evan, who takes a fairly long time to appear.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Either Green Eyes X Blake or Maggie/Mags X Blake. A small minority ships Fell X Blake, in spite of the former being dead and the latter being confirmed as straight.
  • Iron Woobie: The Sheperd's section of Histories at the end of Arc 7 implies this, noting that if the power of a scream was determined by the anguish behind it, his would be heard around the world.

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