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YMMV / Our Friend Power 5

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  • Complete Monster: Shark is the genocidal leader of the Shark Gang, in the past having invaded the peaceful planet of Battlestar to get the energy research on the Comentor Robot solely to further his own plans, destroying the entire planet with presumably only six survivors. In the present, Shark chases the surviving five turtles and their princess to the planet Earth, where he sends his two henchmen to hunt them down; their first action is to kill two children. When his minions fail to get the Comentor Robot, Shark decides to destroy Earth when they refuse to give up the turtles, proclaiming he will "Kill every Earthling."
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The turtles in this movie come from the planet BattleStar, making them aliens. Already pretty funny in context, even funnier when the turtles were rumored to be from space in the 2014 movie...

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