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  • Complete Monster: Even in this dark manga, these two stand out as the worst Slum Street has to offer:
    • "Way to Attain": Detective Ricott's unnamed superior appears to be a kind, upstanding policeman, when in actuality, he's the leader of a child trafficking ring where he kidnaps children from Slum Street to be sold for money. When the thief Lito continuously saves the children, the superior has Lito framed for human trafficking and has him executed. When Ricott discovers the superior's plot, the superior tries to kill her and the resurrected Lito. while the latter tries to save his captured young sister.
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    • "An Ugly Guardian" arc: Jack the Ripper is a psychotic Serial Killer who decapitates people she finds beautiful and keeps their heads in jars as a way to admire their beauty. Having done this to 29 people, including a widower who showed appreciation to the Grave Keeper, Jack tries to make Detective Ricott her next victim, mocking the Grave Keeper for ever thinking that the widow could ever love him.

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