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YMMV / NateWantsToBattle

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  • Evil Is Cool: The man Nate plays in the video for "Phantom." He's eerie, Red and Black and Evil All Over and likes to give aspiring folks a change to fulfill their dreams if they're willing to pay the price. And fans absolutely love him.
    • The same goes for his obligatory dark side character, Natemare, who first shows up in the Mangled music video. Despite having very few appearances, he has a large following by many of Nate's fans. He even has an enamel pin available for pre-order in Nate's newest album, What You Want.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the original video for "Phantom", Nate plays a Red and Black and Evil All Over, deal maker. Hazbin Hotel grants us Alastor, who fits that description almost beat for beat. So well, in fact, that Nate repurposed the song for him!
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  • Narm: "The Evil King" is a cool Villain Song, but the redundant overuse of the word "now" makes the following lines a bit hard to take seriously:
    Now I aim to take what is mine
    And now there's only one thing left to do now

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