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  • Arc Fatigue: In the second entry, the Overhaul Arc becomes especially bad during the last battles. On the hero side, you'll be wailing on Overhaul for more than six battles. The villain side? You use Overhaul that many times.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Endeavor being in the games means that you can have Shoto turn the tables and beat up his Abusive Parent to his (and your) heart's content.
    • The second game includes a mission where the player, as Aizawa, must beat up Bakugou, which is a delight to people who hate him.
    • Mineta being a playable character in the sequel means fans who hate him can beat him up using the female characters such as Asui, Uraraka, and Ashido.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Matchup system in One's Justice 2 gives you a good look into the relationships between all the playable characters, with certain characters gaining power by having certain characters as sidekicks. Of all the characters to benefit from the most characters, it's Mr. Aizawa, how gains a high boost from teaming up with all of his students (except Mineta).
  • Spiritual Successor: It's glaringly obvious to many Naruto fans that, like how MHA is seen as the successor to the former, this game serves as one to the Ultimate Ninja Storm series: The combat and sidekick system are the same as the one used for Storm. While people also see this game as akin to One Piece: Burning Blood, what separates the game from it, however, is 2 mechanics that were exclusive to the Storm series: wall-running/fighting (where if you sent an opponent flying into a wall, the battle could literally continue on said wall unimpeded, as the characters start running and jumping on it as if it were the ground albeit with the camera staying at a vertical position to better illustrate this), and "Plus Ultra All" special attacks.(A version of the Plus Ultra Techniques where your main hero and sidekicks participate, which is essentially a renamed version of Team Ultimate Jutsus), the former of which sticks out in particular because a large percentage of the characters don't have an excuse for being able to stand/run on walls indefinitely without falling off.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The music in the trailer opens with a guitar riff that's nearly identical to a song from the OST of Future Diary.
  • Tainted by the Preview: The announcement of One's Justice 2 met a quite negative reception, due to the game going to be released less than 18 months after the predecessor, which already was criticized for being bare-bones and having been quickly abandoned after the release of a couple DLC characters in favor of its sequel.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • All of the chapters in the Story Mode are fairly easy to beat normally, and even some of the secret conditions in each chapter required to unlock cosmetics are not that tough; but there are a couple of notable conditions that are hard enough to make you tear your hair out.
    • Any one of the chapters requiring a perfect win counts, but Chapter 30 (Climax) is especially notable when you have to perfect Toga. She has both her knives and needles to fire at you, and to top it off, she can throw them almost instantaneously, giving you almost no chance to react in close range before the attack lands, leading you to having to restart over and over until you succeed.
    • Both of the chapters ("Don't Move" and "Too Slow") that require you to defeat your opponent in 30 seconds as Gran Torino. He deals some of the lowest damage in the game, and a couple of his more high damaging moves can waste a couple of seconds due to long animation. You would have to make little to no mistakes in order to just beat these by the skin of your teeth.
    • Finally, there's the secret condition in the very final chapter (Plus Ultra) that requires you to beat All Might with 80% health remaining. While it's not as bad having to perfect it, All Might can do a lot of damage if you're not cautious, and his health is higher than most of the previous opponents to boot, so you'll have to block often and land good combos to have a chance at winning.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Todoroki has dominated the absolute top of the top tiers since release, doing tons of damage at just about any range possible and locking you into combos extremely easily. There is basically nothing that the cast can do to him, since whatever they're capable of, he can do better and then some.
    • Dabi is this in a nutshell. His Quirk Special 1 is a large blue fireball with slight tracking, which, on a subsequent press of the button, boosts it's speed and tracking into making it a deadly homing projectile. This Second Special is a multi-hit flamethrower, and the 3rd is a flame trap that is dropped right in front of where he's standing and causes a huge amount of stun. What does this all mean? That all a halfway-decent Dabi really has to do is stand in one place, drop a trap, pop off fireballs, and mix in the occasional flamethrower to slowly burn your opponent to death as they're forced to both keep constantly moving and run into all of your attacks, all the while barely able to approach you for fear of hitting the trap you laid down early and ending up in a combo. Even worse, he can still do this IN THE AIR, meaning dashing is almost akin to suicide.
    • On the negative side of things, Gran Torino, since launch, has widely been considered one of the worst characters in the game, a rushdown character with no projectile usage and low damage who, despite his Fragile Speedster status, has extremely predictable, hard to combo attacks. He's pretty widely considered the worst character in the game.
      • Then Oneís Justice 2 came out, and Gran Torino skyrocketed to the almost undisputed best character in the game. His combos can easily do 75% damage and arenít especially technical, most of his attacks are plus on block, his Plus Ultra 1 comes out in 2 frames and doesnít scale at all during combos.
    • In the middle, there's Kirishima. Most view him as top tier due to being a Mighty Glacier with Super Armor, quick attacks, and a barrage of fast and strong combos, with his Ultra Move 1 in particular being able to No-Sell out of power attacks while dishing out more. However, those that consider Kirishima low tier mostly due to a severe lack of range options and difficulty getting in close due to a lack of zoners.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Despite the cold welcome it got when announced (see Tainted by the Preview entry), the reception of One's Justice 2 has been quite warmer upon release. While quite a few fans agree the game is what the first episode should have been firsthand, the base game has been released at a lower price but with much more content, sporting a doubled character roster and the English dub and Photo Mode later released as free updates, on top of gameplay improvements. Bandai-Namco is also showing better commitment at supporting the game, with the release of a second Season Pass that will bring more characters into 2022.