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YMMV / Mesopotamian Mythology

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  • "Common Knowledge": Tiamat is generally thought of as a dragon. While she did apparently give birth to dragons and sea serpents (among other creatures), her description in a surviving version of the Babylonian creation myth is rather vague (it states that Tiamat represents "the salty water"), and many alleged depictions of her are under contention.
  • Complete Monster: Lamashtu is the daughter of the benevolent god Anu. A savage monster who rejects all goodness, Lamashtu causes famines and droughts, spreading pestilence and disease in the process. Not content with this, Lamashtu induces miscarriages and will steal infants to murder them while also murdering pregnant women and innocent young mortals, rending them apart to eat them herself. So vile is Lamashtu that even another demon like Pazuzu may be invoked against her, being the most terrifying and remorseless monster in the entire pantheon.

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