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  • Awesome Music: The Dahal fight has one of the best songs in the game. The other songs aren't half bad either.
  • Demonic Spiders: Giant Spider boss Puck and the small spiders that come to aid it.
    • Grappler robots, the robots with arms, on account of being able to stun ICEY and immediately deplete her shield, having a vague attack range and being able to catch ICEY mid-dash when attacking. Arguably the hardest non-boss encounter in the game is the second fight in the Clock Tower where ICEY has to fight three of them in a small space.
  • Funny Moments:
    • The Narrator's growing exasperation as you instruct ICEY to ignore his narration can get deliciously amusing.
    • In the Marionette Stage, going off-script will result in a black comedy look at the In-Universe developmental struggles of the game and paint the Narrator as an overly-ambitious and easily put-off developer. It also results in a phone call from his wife, which you can try to prompt him to answer, only for a serious case of But Thou Must! as the interface forces you to tell him not to pick up, causing Narrator to claim that you "forced" him not to answer the call.
  • Game-Breaker: Icey's dash and counter attack are this, to the point where the most feasible strategy against difficult foes, is to just keep dashing around and go in for a counter, instead of trying to kill things with your weapon.
    • Arguably the juggle combo is this as well. Launch enemies into the air, light attack three times then strong attack once to hit enemies against the ground so they come back up and you can repeat ad infinitum.
  • Goddamned Bats: The laser beam spewing... flies. They are the smallest foe in the game (and therefore hardest to hit), they attack with laser beams that stun you if they hit, they hit multiple times per attack AND they also break your shield in one full volley. Several of them attacking at the same time can mean some real trouble, if there are other enemies around, as they will take advantage of this. The only upside is that they don't do much damage on their own and are pretty weak.
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  • Moment of Awesome: Dahal in the tutorial fight. You're fighting a humanoid mech, with Gatling Gun arms and underslung bayonets, on a Hard Light bridge, against the backdrop of a night sky with a full moon, to the tune of one of the most memorable (and fitting) songs in the game.
  • That One Boss: Jack in the Marionette Theater. He only has a few attacks, but he leaves very few openings and his moves have almost no start up time when initating them. You would think that the best time to attack him is when he's firing his pistols, but he almost always chains this into an uppercut that will knock you back if you get too greedy with attacks. Unlike other bosses who have long telegraphed attacks that are relatively easy to avoid, Jack is smaller enemy that is harder to predict. Unless you're really good at dash countering, this fight can be a struggle.
    • How about the Final Boss Judas? Final bosses are meant to be tough but Judas takes the cake. There's lasers that sweep the entire stage (aside from one very specific spot that doubles as its weak point), two punching mooks that like to grab you and break your shield who also like to jump into the air, buzzsaws that sweep the ground where the mooks are waiting if you just happen to be touching the ground, and Judas has 5 health bars. With all this the final boss can easily deplete half your health in less than a second and kill you outright with some frustrating combos. Thankfully it's mitigated just a bit by its weak point being the only place most of the attacks can't get you, and not literally the only place Judas can be damaged.


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