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  • Ambiguously Gay: Some of his lines, mainly when he talks about Liquid The Little One, seems to indicate this.
  • Broken Base: His video series with Ahnaris, in which he used crazy strategies against Bronze Leaguers split his fandom into two factions. One, believing that this was bullying and douchey, and the other that it was hilarious. YMMV on which is true.
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  • Berserk Button: His fans have this apparently. Do NOT make fun of Husky, or you will receive their hate. Jesse made this mistake during Episode 2 of The Game Station Podcast. On a more positive note, after the initial fandom outcries were addressed, it was just joking around between both fandoms and the subjects themselves.
  • Ear Worm: Nerd Alert
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: People really want him to hook up with Dodger, aka Press Heart To Continue (assuming he hasn't already...). Doesn't help that they share several thousands subscribers' worth of fans and that they are really close friends.
    • Throw in the fact that they currently live together. Although, admittedly, they've also been rooming with Squiggles Starcraft (Joe) and Rosanno Pansino (Ro) for the past year and currently, so that's a lot less suspicious than it sounds on paper.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • He got sick of referring to a certain popular Terran build as "One One One" and decided to rename it "Destiny Cloud Fist" for no clear reason. The name has caught on amongst players who have never heard of him.
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    • Pylo the Pylon. So great, he had a song.
    • "Banelings, banelings, banelings woahhhhh..."
  • Moment of Awesome: Also Heartwarming Moments: Due to being screwed by the system, The Cynical Brit ended up stuck in England, away from his wife and stepson, for four years. Husky wasn't going to have any more of that, and welcomed TotalBiscuit to The Game Station.
  • Never Live It Down: Ever since Husky rotated HD Starcraft out of his subbox for a single day, fans never ceased to question Husky about what happened between him and HD, when in reality they just never have schedules that can accommodate each other. The same is true with the HDH2 tournament, which was delayed indefinitely because of connection and lag problems from using Skype, and their Starcraft Arena website, which required massive upkeep from the daily visitor count that was higher than expected.
    • It got bad enough that both Husky and HD had to answer the question in Q&A sections of their videos. (HD's daily Starcraft ladder on July 27 and Husky's radio interview on Acting Up.)
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: In the second The Game Station podcast, he remarks that while he'll comment on the story during Let's Plays, he generally isn't as interested in the story as he is with multiplayer whenever he plays on his leisure time. Jesse Cox is speechless at this.
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  • Ship Tease: Several videos between him and Dodger. Especially the last one, where Husky, intentionally or not, pauses right before the "had dinner" part of "I left after we had dinner".


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