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  • Awesome Art: One of the biggest selling points for the company was that, from 1995 onward, their games were essentially fully animated, interactive cartoons, complete with hand-drawn character animation and backgrounds (some of which were even hand-painted) mixed with digitally-animated clickpoint sprites. Best of all, outside of ink and color, there was almost no digital assistance with the hand-drawn animation.
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  • Awesome Music: Much like the artwork, the music for the games was always composed like a regular cartoon or movie, almost always with live instrumentation rather than synth loops, resulting in some highly memorable cues and songs, especially the ones composed by George "The Fat Man" Sanger. There's a reason Curator is trying to get a remastered soundtrack for the games released.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Humongous is not the last company that would create beloved entertainment about cars, spies, toys, superheroes, fish, a fantastical bureaucracy or going into space.
  • Misblamed: Atari takes the brunt of the blame for the why the post-2001 games are less popular, but in actuality they had little, if anything to do with any of it. It was more or less due to unfortunate timing; Infogrames and Atari merged in 2003, which merely put Humongous under new ownership but was otherwise the exact same company. In fact, as stated on the Trivia tab, it was actually Infogrames that caused more of the problems, including slashing the work force in half in late 2001 (which was one of the biggest hits the company took, and something they never fully recovered from), poorly marketing MoonBase Commander, and their general refusal towards any sort of innovation or new intellectual properties.
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  • Periphery Demographic: The games have attracted a lot of older fans, mostly from those who grew up on them. Admittedly, it was popular among the parents of these kids as well, especially because of the great writing with the occasional Parental Bonus. Ron Gilbert even stated in an interview that when their kids went to bed, parents would be sneaking off onto their computers playing these games as a Guilty Pleasure.
  • Porting Disaster: The Wii ports were less than pleasingly received. While it's basically a perfect port with an increase in frame speed, they went entirely unchanged with no new content or features. They were also released as stand-alone titles instead of the more logical complications, which is insulting as the Wii is capable of holding games with far more space and power. The actual kicker is that the games were pulled from store shelves after is was discovered they were illegally ported with ScummVM, which the fans aren't too depressed about.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Jeremy Soule, the composer for many of these games, went on to not only become famous for his soundtrack for Harry Potter games, The Elder Scrolls games, but also become famous for some Disney video games as well.
    • Dave Grossman wrote for many of these games as well, before going on to be a head honcho at Telltale Games. To this day he still keeps a copy of Pajama Sam in his office.


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