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YMMV / Hear Me Roar

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  • Angst? What Angst?: The Lannisters as a whole get accustomed to the whole "transported to another world" thing pretty quickly.
    • The people of the Westerlands as a whole are a bit more mixed, however, with a resurgence of the Faith Militant being a direct result of the Arrival.
  • Complete Monster: Monstrous like the original, King Joffrey Baratheon bribes a goblin army with gold to restore him to the throne. Leading them to ravage the Westerlands, Joffrey orders those wounded from an ambush be executed to keep pace. Taking Casterly Rock, Joffrey threatens to feed his prisoners to his goblins if the attacking Jamie does not surrender, not caring that his own brother, Tommen, is amongst his prisoners. Meeting with Jaime, Joffrey attempts to murder him before using Tommen as a hostage and then trying again to kill Jaime for revealing himself to be Joffrey's true, non-royal father.

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