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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Like the vanilla game, the mod incentivizes scanning every planet as soon as possible, as it allows you to gain additional armors, weapons, intel and War Assets. To its credit, the mod combats this by making War Assets depreciable items. As you play through the main missions, systems will be attacked and destroyed by the Reapers, causing assets you've previously obtained to lose some of their value (and in some cases, be wiped out completely).
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    • Sure, you could rescue Aria's faceless group of mercenaries during the "Veterans vs. Criminals" Assignment... or you could rescue The Atoner, Sidonis (from the previous game), who just e-mailed you a short while earlier and is busy leading a group of Turian veterans behind Reaper lines.
  • Ham and Cheese: The "Cooking with Zaeed" Easter Egg (referencing this video) has Youtube user Koobismo giving a near spot-on impression of Robin Sachs while going on at length over how to make... chocolate chip cookies, while swearing and grumbling all the while.
  • Player Punch:
    • The Evacuation of Thessia assignment. As if Shepard and co. watching Reapers landing on the surface of the planet wasn't bad enough, it's possible to screw up the following assignment so much that you barely gain any War Assets at all, condemning numerous ships to destruction for a few small pockets of Thessian refugees and specialists.
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    • Regardless of how the Bekenstein assignment is handled, the planet is eventually carpet-bombed into oblivion by the Reapers. Even worse, if you coerced the ruling government to manufacture weapons in exchange for a (false) promise to protect them, Diana Allers will rail at you via e-mail once she (a former occupant of the planet) discovers what happened.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer:
    • The Normandy itself can become this, as there's an entire metagame based around the Crew Manifest and a shuttle bay that can be customized with items found around the galaxy.
    • The Spectre Expansion Mod (a tie-in module for EGM) not only adds a large number of visitable planets with their own Intel and War Assets, but also adds a vendor on the Citadel where you can buy "star charts" to find and explore additional locations. It also has a text-based storyline, The Ghosts of Antilin, which can be acquired during Priority: Sur'Kesh and plays out across terminals found throughout the game.
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  • That One Level: The Evacuation of Thessia, for all its change-ups in gameplay, is ridiculously hard, even on repeated plays. To start with, it isn't immediately clear that you have to scan the surface of Thessia, enter the planet's orbit, choose which group to save, then fly back out and scan the fleet before docking at the nearest signal, all while the Reapers are chasing you. Each round, you get text reports detailing crewmen crying out in fear as the Reapers tear Alliance ships to shreds, and there is no clear understanding of what groups are worth the most from a War Asset standpoint. As the rounds continue, the Reapers get faster and faster, to the point that it's nigh-impossible to complete the last rounds unless you've somehow managed to acquire all of the Normandy upgrades and have incredibly good reflexes.


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