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YMMV / Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles

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  • Funny Moments: Every ultimate attack by the Academy characters.
    • Tanjiro kneads bread so fast, it catches fire and cooks while he's handling it. His opponent explodes due to the resulting heatwave.
    • Nezuko crashes into her opponent and drops her schoolbag - which contains her beloved french bread. Cue her clocking the opponent with said schoolbag... with a Blood Art-infused Spin Attack.
    • Giyu "disciplines" the opponent by either slapping them in the face hard enough send them flying a long distance; or knocking them out with a Flash Step and a hand chop on the neck. The name of the technique? "Tyrannical Teaching".
    • Zenitsu wakes up from his trance and decides to inspect the opponent's uniform:
      • If his opponent is one of the good female characters, he'll glomp them and offer her to marry him. The opponent will briefly wake up just for slapping him in the face, before collapsing again.
      • If his opponent is male or an evil demon, Zenitsu will freak out (either because the opponent is armed or a demon), and slap them with his clipboard while screaming hilariously.
    • Inosuke wrestles the opponent in a over-the-top manner, pins them down for the count of three, and then poses triumphantly while a crowd cheers him and the background explodes for no reason.
    • Shinobu tricks the opponent into holding a beaker filled with a purple liquid, which she then detonates with a chemical reaction. Her cheerful demeanor is what really sells it.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm fandom. Even more so than the My Hero One's Justice, this game is considered the "true" Creator-Driven Successor to the Ninja Storm series due to sharing both the same developer and presentation style in its story mode.
  • So Okay, It's Average: While the game has received overall positive ratings and praise, some reviews say that the game is too simple as a Fighting Game. The story mode is mostly linear, meaning that players can't truly explore the world of Demon Slayer and the boss fights are mostly quite easy to complete. The fact that some characters are just moveset clones of other characters along with the Demon Slayer Academy characters being their own individual characters rather than costumes has also left players disappointed. It's especially important to mention the latter since the Academy characters take up roster space that could have been used for playable season 1 demons or some of the Hashira instead.