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  • And You Thought It Would Fail: French TV producers were not very keen on producing and broadcasting such a documentary in France in the late 1980s. According to the film's narrator Philippe Meyer, their reactions varied from "People are not interested in World War II" to "it's too horrible/depressing for the general public on prime time schedules". The film turned out to have strong audience rates and was part of a wave of renewed interest among the French public in World War II and The Holocaust.
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  • Awesome Music: The haunting soundtrack by Vangelis.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Narrator Philippe Meyer states that at one point "Adolf Hitler left the Olympic Stadium [during the 1936 Olympic Games] so he wouldn't have to shake the hand of Jesse Owens, a black man, after the latter's victory at the 100 metres." In reality, Hitler had a very tight schedule that day and had to leave the stadium, and he did not greet nor shake the hand of any athlete publicly, but he did greet and shake the hand of Owens for his victory personally. He did so off-camera at the stadium before leaving.
    • Then he cites the fact that the German army reached Yasnaya Polyana, "the estate of Count Aleksey Tolstoy, author of War and Peace" when invading USSR. It was Leo Tolstoy (distant relative of Aleksey) who wrote War and Peace, and Yasnaya Polyana belonged to him. Not only that, he also says that the distance between Moscow and Yasnaya Polyana is 22 kilometers. It is 200 kilometers actually.
  • Stock Footage Failure:
    • Philippe Meyer says the name of the famous "Weeping Frenchman" was Jacques Bonsergent, a 28 year old civilian who was shot by the Germans on December 23, 1940. It was not Bonsergent, and the guy from the footage looks well over 28.
    • Some footage from Odessa and Minsk during Operation Barbarossa (summer-winter 1941) got thrown in the Battle of Stalingrad (summer 1942-early 1943) chapter, which was not part of Barbarossa nor covered the same areas.
    • The famous footage of a German Panther tank getting destroyed by American Shermans in Cologne in April 1945 is somehow attributed to the Battle of Berlin, in which no American ground troops even took part.


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