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  • Complete Monster: The sinister spirit known only as the Demon Fox is the sister of the Chinese warrior Kwai, and has lived for seventy-seven cycles bringing death and ruin to everything around her for fun. An emotional vampire known who fashions herself as the "Lord of Lies", the Demon Fox has a special tendency to torment her victims by twisting the truth to hurt them, demonstrating this when the leader of the Coalition, John Wing, summons her to kill the Blood Syndicate. Unsatisfied with simply slaughtering them, the Demon Fox mentally breaks and brutalizes them first before casually snapping Wing's neck after she feels she's fulfilled his wishes. Throughout the rest of the comic's run, the Demon Fox convinces Masquerade to assume the identity of the Blood Syndicate's deceased leader, causing her to lose her own identity in the process; makes Brickhouse miscarry her own child out of spite; and, when finally freed from the cycle imposed on her by her father and offered peace by Kwai, the Demon Fox simply sneers and pledges herself to destroying her sister and everyone close to her for the rest of her life to deny her any semblance of a normal life—something she's already dedicated herself to doing from the very start of their long conflict. A monstrous sadist, the Demon Fox was among the very worst the Blood Syndicate ever had to face.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: John Wing, leader of the Coalition in the early issues, doesn't initially seem to be much at first when he's completely thrashed by the Blood Syndicate and sent running away with tears in his eyes. In the sixth issue, however, Wing flies over the horizon when he murders his pregnant wife to summon a demonic entity to kill his enemies in payback for being humiliated, leading to the most brutal, sadistic thrashing the team ever receives as a result. While Wing does show some regrets over the situation, he exults in the feeling of the feeling he gets when he knows he's "damned for eternity," allowing the Demon Fox he summoned to kill him at the end without a moment's regret.

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