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  • Complete Monster:
    • Malcolm Danvers is a vicious and power-hungry werewolf and Jeremy's abusive father. When Jeremy became alpha, Malcolm left the pack and reemerged after his assumed death, as the orchestrator behind the mutt uprising, using Santos and other proxies into recruiting psychopaths, killers and rapists in a bid to destroy his son's pack, resulting in the murders of several innocent people and Jeremy's pack members. Malcolm also stalks Elena and has her former pedophile stalker Victor Olson turned and has him show up at an art gallery to torment her. After the battle between the mutts and the pack ends with all the mutts being killed, Malcolm shows no regard nor care for their deaths, letting them kill Santos. Malcolm confronts Jeremy about his true intentions on continuing this war, taking Elena for himself; kidnaps Logan's pregnant girlfriend Rachel; and leaves the decapitated head of Elena's boyfriend Phillip for her to find. He claims his reasoning for the latter is to punish Elena for wanting to have a human life, going as far as to tell her that she should be grateful. Finding himself stalked by Alister, Malcolm goes on the run, leaving his followers to die, and killing a kind old man who gave him a ride. It's also revealed that he tried to kill Clayton as a child, being the werewolf who bit him, and killed Clayton's mother that same night, resulting in his father committing suicide.
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    • Thomas LeBlanc is a deranged misogynistic Serial Killer and Serial Rapist, who kept a scrapbook of his previous exploits complete with parts of his victims. When recruited into the mutts, he takes part in an ambush in which he stabs Jeremy with a poisoned blade that nearly kills him before Elena breaks LeBlanc's wrist while interrogating him for the antidote. Forming a petty vendetta towards Elena, LeBlanc attempts to murder her, managing to shoot and wound her while playing a cat and mouse game and callously killing a woman he mistook for Elena. Later when Amber demands to be turned into a werewolf, LeBlanc bites her and watches with amusement as she goes through a slow and painful botched transformation; while seemingly kills her, it's later revealed she's reduced to a vegetative state Later he has fun chasing down and trying to kill Logan's pregnant girlfriend, and when the time comes to attack Stonehaven, defies orders to keep Elena alive, intending her to be the first in a new scrapbook he's planning. A deviant who admits to having no morals, openly disdains and disrespects even his own allies, his habits and attitude crosses enough lines that one of his bosses, Henry Marsten decides to help Elena kill him when he's decides that he's had enough of LeBlanc.
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    • Clara Sullivan was once a rebellious young witch, and spiteful from her youth. While she had a moment of humanity in her past where she delivered and rescued a newborn baby from death, despite knowing the prophecies as a child growing up to be the Destroyer, she would later use this act later in life for more nefarious purposes. Having her magic stripped away as punishment for using it to kill people, Clara would later track this child Alister down and reveal his destiny to him, planning to bring about the Undoing—an event that would kill every witch on the planet—out of revenge. With Clara acting as Alister's hidden partner and mentor, Alister embraces his destiny, gaining a cult and army, entailing mass murder, torture, experimentation and brainwashing on numerous people at his hands. Clara has Alister seduce women to find a body for Clara to possess, if not destroying the souls of the victims, trapping them in their own subconscious. Clara wants the body of 12-year-old Savannah in order to survive the Undoing as a conduit and take Savannah's powers for her own. When the time of the Undoing comes and an attempt to kill Alister starts to prevent it, Clara and Alister track down his mother Ruth to kill her, and when Savannah breaks free and tries to escape, Clara chases her down, gloating to her how she'll use her powers to cause havoc and promising to kill Savannah's friends in the pack.
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    • Roman Navikev is the arrogant, ruthless and supremely influential alpha of the Russian werewolves, later revealed to be Elena's grandfather. Roman runs his pack like the mob, using intimidation and bribery, and is violently abusive and indifferent to his son Konstantine. It's quickly revealed that he murdered his daughter Natalya after discovering her relationship with Sasha, promising to kill Sasha's family. Despite claiming to love his daughter or feeling remorse, he spitefully refuses to take responsibility for her murder, never actually knew her and it's suggested he killed her because he was jealous of her and Sasha's relationship. Having discovered the existence of witches, he calls on witch hunts in Russia to add to his pack's power, and kill those who won't join. When he learns of Sasha's whereabouts, and his connection to Elena. After a parlay meeting goes awry, Roman attempts to kill Sasha on the spot, stabbing former Sheriff Karen and starts a war with Jeremy's pack. Roman sets loose the Albino twins in his stead, leading to multiple unnecessary innocent deaths, culminating in Katya's murder. When Jeremy is captured, Roman plans on framing Jeremy for a coup to justify killing him, forcing him to watch as Elena and Sasha are both tortured; despite promising to let them go, he orders Elena's torture to continue in an attempt to force Sasha to kill her.
  • Narm: Elena challenges the cult holding Savannah with weapons raised high while a fuel tank explodes in the background. While the shot was obviously meant to be badass and awesome it comes off as cheesy.
  • Special Effects Failure: While the CGI werewolves don't look terrible, there are times where they look laughably cartoony and move way too smoothly.

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