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YMMV / Astra Lost in Space

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Quitterie. Some find her Tsundere tendencies, constant whining, complaining, and screaming, and being mean to everyone (especially Kanata and Funicia in the first volume) really annoying, even after she undergoes some much needed Character Development. Others find her actions understandable, since she, like the other kids, is in a bad situation that they don't know how to handle, so of course she'd complain a lot, and warmed up to her when she started to mature as a person.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: On image sharing sites such as Pixiv, one can find many fans coupling Ulgar and Luca together, due to their backstory connections, Luca being The Gadfly to Ulgar, and the fact that Luca shows his intersex body to Ulgar first out of anyone.

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