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  • Awesome Music: The extensive (and we mean it!) soundtrack contains some real gems, like Dimmu Borgir's "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse" (if you need to ride in like a Black Metal Batman) or "Bitch Plz" by Pop Erotiq.
    • If you like electronic music, then APB has "Carbon Kid" by Alpinestars (featuring Brian Molko from Placebo). This song is more than 10 years old, but it's still 24-carat gold.
    • "Showdown" by Pendulum. This is arguably the best song in the game.
    • You can also import any of your own tracks into the in-game music player, and anyone else who has imported the same tracks as you will hear it when you play it from your car (and vice versa). provides this functionality.
  • Broken Base - The people who have played APB are either disappointed at how it turned out or defend it fanatically because there isn't a better game like it. There are few people in between.
    • There are also those who are divided about the Reloaded version. There are those who like it for bringing the game back and those who hate it for having many changes from the original and cut content.
    • A new break occurred between the current developer and the fanbase, when Reloaded Production started a Kickstarter and announced that they plan to create a new game based on APB's lore, a fast paced parkour moves using first person shooter named APB: Vendetta. While they promised that no resources will be diverted to create or maintain the new game, the APB: Reloaded fanbase was less than thrilled. In the end the Kickstarter failed after making less than 20% of it's minimum goal.
    • The Scout Sniper Rifle was already a base breaker for a long time thanks to it's uncanny ability to allow perfect sniping shots while jumping, allowing to bypass enemy cover or giving off a shot while running, byassing the necessary drawback all other sniper rifles have (being slowed down when wielding them). The fact that it was a cash shop only gun didn't help either. When the devs finaly removed the ability after 2 years, acknowledging that it was a bug, the old debate became even more heated.
  • Game-Breaker - As weapon tweaks and rebalances are applied liberally by the developers, the list of 'overpowered' weapons is constantly in flux. But traditionally, it's been the Joker Carbine, OCA Whisper SMG (a G1 credit-only variant of the OCA-EW.626 with a suppressor), N-HVR Scout, OSMAW rocket launcher, Colby M-1922 (a Thompson SMG clone) and Obeya CR762 that gets the most flak.
    • The newest addition to the list is the OCA Nano. It has a suppressor, 20-round magazine, moderate firing speed (allowing better aim) and relative low recoil, making it superior to any other automatic secondary. Many players even use it as their primary and can kill from medium distances with it. However what makes this gun truly disliked is the fact that it can not be bought directly but only be acquired as a random award from Joker Mystery boxes.
    • There were also legitimate concerns about easily-defendable camping spots, such as a roof near Justin Teng and Suji's club. Typically, when there's an item hold or VIP mission, the defending team will often rush to one of those spots. As of patch 1.8 most of these concerns have been fixed. The notoriously easy to defend positions got more access points and several weapons got several nerfs. One location in particular was completely closed off (Lilith's roof)
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    • The AK-lookalike N-TEC 5 reigned supreme at almost any range in the RTW version. Only well-placed shotgun blasts or a sniper could take out an N-Tec user unless he's a total moron. Or you're a very good dodger. Most of the time he just sprays in the general direction of the continent you're standing on and you go down. There are balance problems with many other guns, such as the MP5-lookalike OCA submachine gun. These however were fixed in the Reloaded version from GamersFirst.
    • The upgraded OBIR NFCP 2 rifle was a Game-Breaker in the RTW beta version - with Level 3 recoil and damage upgrades it could take out anyone with two full bursts at quite a range. It was nerfed in the retail version as Level 3 upgrades are much harder to acquire and the base accuracy of OBIR was reduced. In the Reloaded version such a build is now impossible thanks to the damage mod being gone completely.
    • The 1.10.1 patch has added a new "minimum-damage range" variable to all guns, where they will start doing a fraction of their full damage from longer distances. For example, the Joker SR 15 Carbine, now with a base shots-to-kill of six up to 40 meters, is reduced to 25% damage at 60 meters, resulting in twenty-one shots to kill. There are also a plethora of nerfs and buffs to various other guns, a list too long to be posted here . Time will tell if any weapons will become game-breaking, or if the issue is quashed once and for all.
    • The N-HVR 243 "Scout" was widely disliked by many players on account of a very quick scope in time in combination of the weapon having no movement limitation. As a result skilled players can pull of precise shots while jumping. With 55% health damage, it can two shot most people who can't get into cover in time and deliver a killing blow to those who do by being able to quickly bypass it. Also as a sniper rifle it suffered less from the new damage dropoff system.
      • The last point is of particular note, as the 1.10.1 update mentioned above severely impeded the functionality of the OBIR and CR762, designated marksman weapons that filled the range niche between sniper rifles and assault rifles . That gap was unfortunately filled by the HVR Scout, leading to a surge in sightings.
  • Good Bad Bug - There's a number of physics related ones.
    • Driving a player owned car in a possition were a parked NPC car will always respawn and waiting for it to respawn can result in the player car being catapulted miles into the air upon going into the NPC car, since both suddently inhabitate the same space.
    • The Patriot Jericho and Bishada Rapier have odd collision issues with its rear quarter panels. If that area gets rubbed by any object, the vehicle's corresponding wheel will shoot up, taking the car with it and often resulting in a flip. Annoying if you're driving the glitched cars, but useful if you're in pursuit and need to disable them quickly.
    • The Patriot Vegas has such massive torque that with a Nitro mod players can force it into top speed even if it carries a VIP or capture item, which normaly forces player vehicles into a crawl. Needless to say the opposition will be less than happy.
    • Just the nitro mod in general. Using Nitro 3 on a Vegas or a Packer Vaquero usually ends up in wheelies for a good distance. And on the subject of wheelies, the Packer Vaquero was virtually undrivable before some updates that reined in its suspension settings and grip. Every touch on the throttle caused a wheelie, and you could even do front-flips if you reversed at full speed, activate nitro, and then hit the accelerator.
    • There were some instances where the physics calculations for the UE3 engine in a given map instance started spazzing out and double-counting the forces of all actions. Cars had obscene amounts of torque, the unfixed Vaquero flipped every time it tried moving forwards or backwards, and driving felt like it was on rails.
    • When a new type of hoodie jacket was released on ARMAS, players quickly noticed that certain hat items would clip through the hood. In case of the cat ears it was actualy looking good, resulting in people on the forum asking to get it back after it got fixed.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight - In series 11 (2008) of Top Gear (UK) the presenters were tasked with the challenge of buying cheap cars and turning them into improvised police cars. The result are comical painted cars, close to what some players come up in APB aswell. Hammond in particular picked a Suzuki Vitara, which the ingame Enforcers-only Packer Vaquero resembles quite a lot.
  • Magnificent Bastard - Luke Waskawi is implied to be this. He is the person responcible for the civil war like state of San Paro, convinced self made millionair Arlon Benjamin into turning a street gang into a private army and has united most of San Paro's criminal elements into a co-supporting anarchic movement, all while barely anyone even knows he exists. Michael Simoen downright warns the player of him.
  • Memetic Mutation - Wilson LeBoyce's "hey" and "get out of here" comments have become very popular kill themes and appear in many variations.
    • Also from the official forum "Racing District Comfirmed", whenever hints towards new content are revealed.

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