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YMMV / Adventures in Zambezia

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  • Complete Monster: Budzo is a ravenous monitor lizard with a taste for bird eggs. In the past, he tore off Chief Sekhuru's wing and killed Amaya, Tendai's wife and Kai's mother, while trying to devour an egg, causing Tendai to abandon Zambezia in grief. Losing his claw in the battle, he vows revenge upon Zambezia. When he returns, he aligns with the Marabos, convincing them to kidnap the Weavers before he captures Tendai, using him as a hostage to force the Weavers to build him a bridge. Once it is completed, he turns on the Marabos and leaves them to be devoured by his lizard army while he storms Zambezia, intent on taking over as a tyrant and devouring their eggs. Arrogant and malicious, Budzo displays nothing but sadistic glee at his crimes, causally dismissing them without a second thought, and is treated with fear and contempt by every other character.

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