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Heartwarming / Adventures in Zambezia

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  • Pretty much any of the interactions between Kai and Tendai at the end of the movie.
    • One of the most notable examples has to be when Kai finds Tendai in a cage.
    Tendai: From where I'm standing, you're the hero now.
    • Tendai seeing Kai get accepted into the Hurricanes again.
    Tendai: Your mother would be proud. I'm proud too.
    Kai: Thanks, Dad. Dad, this is Zoe.
    Zoe: I was the little egg that you rescued.
    Tendai: The honour is all mine.
  • On his way to Zambezia, Kai has a nice chat with Pavi, even showing her some of his moves.
  • The first scene between Sekhuru and Zoe really shows their love for each other.
    Zoe: I like being under your wing.
    Sekhuru: (Chuckles) Who's taking care of who?
  • Kai and Ezee messing around Zambezia can come off as adorable to some. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Gogo reuniting with Tini.
  • Morton's reaction to being called "Cous" (Short for Cousin):
    "He called me cousin!"
  • During Budzo's Disney Villain Death, Zoe gets her foot caught in the netting that is wrapped around him. Luckily for her, Kai sees this and flies down to save her.
  • The ending is full of these moments.
    • The Marabous getting accepted back into Zambezia.
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    • The aforementioned So Proud of You scene.
    • Tendai dancing. It's as adorable (and funny) as it sounds.
    • Cecil telling a story to the young hatchlings.
    • Ezee getting another massage from the gossip birds, one of whom is showing off her new wing colour.
    • Pavi dancing beautifully.
  • The Stinger. That is all.


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