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Nightmare Fuel / Adventures in Zambezia

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"How many eggs can one lizard eat?"

  • Budzo. This guy is a bird's worst nightmare. With his deep voice and frightening appearance, he is easily one of the scariest animated villains ever!
    • His first scene where he's talking to the Marabous is pretty unnerving, especially when he talks about death.
    "It's just part of the cycle of life. The last part."
    • When Tendai finds Budzo, he eavesdrops on him to overhear his evil plan. He looks away from the rock for one second, then he looks again to find that Budzo has vanished. Then he turns around and sees Budzo rushing at him! Even better, it's viewed from Tendai's perspective!
    • The revelation that Budzo was the one who killed Kai's mother.
    • Another scary scene involving Budzo near the end of the movie. Ezee wakes up from his nap and sees that everyone has vanished. Then Budzo climbs up the tree... *shudder*


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