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Western Animation / The Magic Pear Tree

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The Magic Pear Tree is a 1968 animated short film (ten minutes) directed by Charles Swanson.

Jean (Paul Frees) is a dashing rogue somewhere in medieval France. He arrives at the castle of a rich, fat marquis, and meets the marquis's sexy young wife Chantrelle (Agnes Moorehead!). Horny Chantrelle immediately tries to have sex Jean, but he pumps the brakes, giving her three tasks that she must perform to win his affections.

No relation to the Chinese folk tale of the same name.



  • All Women Are Lustful: Chantrelle tries to pull Jean away for sex right after she meets him.
  • Aside Glance: Jean looks at the camera on his way to the castle.
  • Garden of Love: Jean and Chantrelle have sex in the marquis' garden, with the gullible marquis watching from the branches of a pear tree (see Title Drop below).
  • Jabba Table Manners: The marquis climbs up onto the dinner table and crawls along it shoveling food into his mouth, while muttering "more more more".
  • Match Cut: An early shot shifts from an overhead view of Jean riding his horse to a side shot of Jean in the exact same position.
  • Title Drop: Jean scams his way into sex with Chantrelle by suggesting that the three of them rest under a pear tree in the marquis's garden. He climbs the tree to get some fruit, then admonishes the marquis for screwing his wife in broad daylight and in front of Jean. When the marquis protests that he is doing no such thing, Jean says the tree is a "magic pear tree" that presents the illusion of people having intercourse. He suggests the marquis tests it, so the marquis does, and thinks it's magic when he sees Jean having sex with his wife.
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  • Trophy Wife: The very wealthy marquis has gotten himself a young and very good-looking wife.