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Lines by The-G, colors by Dakt37
A.K.A the 53rd DC Universe. Founded June 25, 2010 by The-G, Earth-G is a deviantART group consisting of Author Avatars who are humorous expies of popular DC superheroes and super villains.

There are several main superteams (criminal and heroic) with...fluid rosters

The following groups are not teams based on DC teams, rather more like social groups:


  • The Green Team A social group containing three villains and one hero
  • Quandary's Gang A social group consisting of villains with a social relation to Quandary. Quandary also acts like a leader to the members, hence the group name
  • Immortal League A social group consisting of immortals and timetravellers

Seeing as how Earth-G has no narrative Story Arc, Tropes can be found on the character list


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