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Once upon a time, there existed a hatedom community known as Anti-Shur'tugal. It was based around its members' mutual dislike of the Inheritance Cycle, and during its prime, it was one of the most well-known and outspoken hatedoms online, it was even known for providing writing advice to budding writers as a way to counter the ever-present "Let's See YOU Do Better!" phrase. However, for reasons unknown, the site was shut down and removed. That seemed to be that for Anti-Shur'tugal, and to this day it is remembered as one of the late great Inheritance hatedoms.


Or so you'd think...

As a matter of fact, Anti-Shur'tugal is anything but late. It first survived through its tight-knit LiveJournal community, and can now be found on Dreamwidth here, and as time went on, the community has moved on from Inheritance and expanded its horizons. Its main focuses include...

Despite being popularly known as a Hatedom, the community is notable for being a subversion of it. It describes itself not as a hatedom, but as a literary criticism community, which discusses issues about writing in general, advertising novels, fanfiction and Fan Dumb behaviour.

In addition to the main community, there are sibling communities for members' original writing and sporkings on various bad books.


Anti-Shur'tugal provides examples of:

  • "Blackmail" Is Such an Ugly Word: As noted above, the community does not describe or percieve itself as a Hatedom, despite it being popularly known as such.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Once the site staff learned that some people were vandalizing bookstores by scribbling the Anti-Shur'tugal URL across Inheritance Cycle books, they wrote the September 1st, 2008 update (which actually came out in September 3rd, but don't worry about it) saying, among other things, that it was never their intention to make it so people wouldn't buy books like Eragon or Twilight, and that none of them would, in their right minds, ever go as far as to consider inciting such forms of vandalism.
  • Network Decay: The original site was dedicated to mocking Inheritance Cycle and Twilight, what's left of the community now has expanded its interests to mocking bad books in general.
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  • Not Quite Dead: After the community website went down, one would assume its existence and influence would go down with it. What happened instead, however, was the migration of the community to an obscure but tight-knit LiveJournal group that remains active as of 2018. The Dreamwidth site went up in 2018 and is still active as of 2021.


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