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The next big thing in fantasy!

God, I’m funny.
— The infamous, um, incredible Big Dog talking about himself.

Hello, Reader...

...or should I say, "lost soul". Welcome to the TV Tropes page for Worlds of the Crystal Moon. I know you're confused and have many questions...the Book of Immortality has asked me to explain...

The Crystal Moon books are a series written and published by Phillip "Big Dog" Jones.

In the series, the universe has been destroyed by some kind of god war and all the souls of everyone have been place in a big book: the Book of Immortality. Only three humans have been saved — Sam, Shalee and George.


Tropes in this series (of which there are many) include:

  • Author Appeal: ...Urine, perhaps? He also seems to have a thing for southern women.
  • Author Avatar: Though one would expect it to be Sam, the handsome genius fighter, Jones states that George is his avatar.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The magic staff has some, ah, interesting powers. It's never quite spelled out if it does what we think it does.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: Eh, kind of. Grayham, the first world, has several "European" aspects, including tavern wenches, taverns, etc.
  • Product Placement: Brand-name dropping abounds, usually with no purpose but to "subtly" drive home the point that the main characters are incredibly rich and stylish.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: Lasidious and Celestria, who both already know their Evil Plan, but they talk about it in an expository way for the benefit of the audience.
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  • Vanity Publishing: The reason "published" is in quotes.
  • Writer on Board: Frequently. The narrative has many breaks in which Big Dog stops to tell the audience what's going on; this also happens throughout the story as a whole - the characters, particularly Sam, say and do stupid things in order to push what Big Dog is trying to say.


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