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A supernatural mystery/thriller

The Ward is a thriller webcomic by Park. Through a simple art style, it tells the story of a disease that turns people into mindless killers. The main character, Mark Evans, discovers a shocking conspiracy while trying to find out the cause of the disease.

As of November 12th, 2016, the comic is still active, and updates at least once a week.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Plot Twist: Although not featured yet in the comic, the comic author has repeatedly said that future plot twists are set to happen.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: In this page, a stream of blood is shown seeping through the front doors of a hospital. Also, this page.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: The comic's plot revolves around zombies that kill people more often than they infect them. However, the word 'zombie' is never used.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: The plot slowly builds up to the point of an apocalypse being a likely possiblity.
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  • Plague Zombie: An unknown disease changes humans into so called 'infectants'.