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Webcomic / Nebula Beings

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Dr. Alma, the main character

Dr. Alma simply wants to become the best doctor in the galaxy, even though she knows it's an unrealistic goal.

She didn't expect she would suddenly catch the eye of Grand Emperor Nebula, a man that has a sinister goal that will bring everything upside down...

PG-14 for violence, horror, scary themes, implied past abuse.

Updates irregular.Nebula Beings is a webcomic created by CosmoPopComics. It's about two aliens: Dr. Alma, a doctor, and Mr. Slick, an alien who's known as a conman. They became traveling partners.

Nebula Beings had been relaunch in 2021 and can be read Webtoon and Comicfury.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Crapsaccharine World: The galaxy looks colorful, but the fact doctors are scarce and there are tyrants are signs there's something sinister going on.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Everyone has eyes that have exotic-shape pupils or the highlights have exotic shapes (stars, blossoms, hearts.)
  • Science Fiction: So far, all characters appear to be aliens from a faraway galaxy.
  • The Stoic: Dr. Alma appears to be stoic and cold to others.