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Life Around A Red Dwarf is a Speculative Biology series by YouTube user Project Rose. Based in the Roseus system, a red dwarf star system loosely inspired by the real life Trappist-1, the series centers on a trio of planets in the habitable zone: Nusku, the most Earth-like of the three; Mazu, which is predominantly oceanic; and Ullr, the largest and driest of the planets. The first video was uploaded on May 3, 2021, with the first season focusing on Nusku.


The Pilot Episode can be watched here.

This series has examples of:

  • Explosive Breeder: The Cornumini are described as having R-selection reproduction, meaning they have large numbers of offspring of which only a few survive.
  • Extra Eyes: The Caudabranchiids have three eyes at the end of each of their two food-collecting appendages, while the Podilaminas have four eyes on top of their "heads". This becomes the norm for most subsequent lifeforms.
  • Fungi Are Plants: The Purpungos looks at first glance like an underwater mushroom thanks to its broad, bell-shaped "head", but it has purple chlorophyll for absorbing energy from sunlight like a plant.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: One Loricatorumstomad with particularly strong jaws is called "Morsdontia", which means "death teeth".
  • Swordfish Sabre: Lepedastoms are Trullamorphids with swordfish-like skewers sticking out from the bottoms of their mouths.
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  • Threatening Shark: The Loricatorumstomads are the Nuskun equivalent, being apex aquatic predators with sleek bodies and sharp teeth.
  • Tidally Locked Planet: Nusku, Mazu, and Ullr all have this in common. The Season 1 Episode 3 video, "Adaptations to Climate Zones", specifically deals with how the different light levels would influence the development of biomes on Nusku. Among other things, terrestrial plants first emerge in the "pupil", the region that gets the most direct sunlight.

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