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God damnit RJ...

Hi! Faceless here and...
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Faceless Critic is a small time internet movie reviewer that wears a mask. When asked, "Why do you wear a mask?" He simply replies back, "Because I like it.." His true identity is largely unknown. Only a few people know who he really is and what he looks like. Its rumored that he resembles the actor who played Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) from Star Wars Episode II: The Attack of The Clones. He has made a character on Grand Theft Auto: Online that he claims would be closest that anyone will get to see what he really looks like. In his videos he has a partner named RJ that is basically the comic relief. It has been said that RJ and Faceless are both the same person however it has been debated amongst some of his fans that they are in fact to separate people.

Presently as of January 2016, Four different shows he runs on his channel:


Faceless Reviews: He reviews current movies in theaters.

Faceless Plays: Gameplay Videos.

Faceless 366: His Vlog show were he talks about his daily life.

Let's Talk: Commentary show

An inspiring film-maker, He has been in the process of making a film based on his characters of the review show named "Seasons Of the Clones". The general plot is that both Faceless and RJ are dealing with clones that were created by RJ. The movie takes place during the summer of 2015 in which Faceless did take a break from Reviewing movies. No confirm date has been set for the release of this film but he has stated that he will release the film before end of spring '16.

You can find him on his YouTube channel here or on Peanut Butter Disaster website here


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