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"Change the heart, change the mind, Aristaeus, bastard of the M'Jaal empire. Heed our word, go forth and seek the buried truths so many are eager to hide, for written upon thy brow is destruction!"
Chioma, the Divine to Aristaeus.

Hollow Earth is an upcoming web animation series by Dawn Fritzerland. The series is set in a post apocalyptic version of earth, where all technology has been set back to the Feudal Era, there has been a massive continental shift changing the shape of the earth, there have been some evolutionary changes both to mankind and the animal population, and monarchies have been re-established as the ruling governments.

The story primarily follows the life and times of the royal family of Mirus; a wealthy, powerful Empire—and the fate the last survivors of a god-like race known as "Nakahi."

The Nakahi, being capable of terrakinesis, were once beloved by non-magical mortals whom they co-existed peacefully with. After "The Collapse," a incident that caused fighting to break out between the Nakahi and regular humans, the Nakahi were subsequently hunted down to near extinction.


Emperor Lachlan, having sheltered a single Nakahi woman named Indigo, subsequently fell in love with her and conceived a child out of wedlock, the series protagonist, Aristaeus, known to most as Arista. Indigo—fearing retribution over the affair from the Empress Ute, Lachlan's wife, and fearing her daughter's status as a half-blood would be discovered—fled into the wilderness and was eventually forced to abandon her daughter as she was killed shortly after. Arista was found and raised among the Avaquiks, a group of compassionate, sentient beast folk who dwell in and rule the wilds of Greenup Forest.

Arista, believing she was abandoned by penniless commoners, lived the first part of her life as an experienced wilderness survivor with a chipper attitude and zest for life. However, her world is flipped upside-down when the truth of her origins are finally uncovered. In an attempt to seek the safety of her father's empire, Arista is forced to flee the only home she as ever known in an effort to escape the avaricious beings that now seek to destroy her.


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Hollow Earth provides examples of:

  • Dishing Out Dirt: Every person of Nakahi descent in the series, considering they all possess Terrakinesis—Arista and her mother Indigo being of note.
  • The Emperor: Lachlan, naturally.
  • Fantastic Racism: The Nakahi are hunted nearly to extinction because of their ability to telekinetically control the earth.
  • Gentle Giant: The Avaquiks, though very large, are peaceful and kind enough to have taken in Arista when she was abandoned as a baby.
  • Heroic Bastard: The series protagonist Arista, being born out of an affair between Emperor Lachlan and Indigo, is this.
  • Homeless Hero: Both Arista and Ephraim qualify.
  • Kill It with Water: Nakahi people cannot swim due to the sheer amount of hard muscle they have, so it's near impossible for them to stay buoyant. Mortals who participated in the Bounty used this knowledge to wipe them out and dispose of reported corpses.
  • Oh My Gods!: "Deities above!" is often exclaimed in surprise or frustration. Characters also say "Deities' hymns and praise!" or "Deities' children!"
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Indigo and Lachlan. A married emperor and a social outcast with a target painted on her head by their kingdom.
  • Talking Animal: The Avaquiks are beasts, but they're sentient and have no trouble raising and communicating with Arista.
  • Tribeof Priests: The Akonga Lamasery, the leading religious community of Mirus following Deithos - the worship of the Deities - and the closest in regards to the royal family.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Lachlan in his affair with Indigo.
  • You're Just Jealous: A potential explanation for how incensed Ute was about Lachlan's affair with Indigo—seeing as Ute also had feelings for Indigo.

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