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Tear Jerker / Hollow Earth

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Hollow Earth has a lot of heavy themes, being a world set after the end of civilization as we now know it—whether it's the death of lover or certain innocent people being emotionally or psychologically damaged by family there's a lot to tackle here. Let's dive in, shall we?

  • In the opening credits, Arista and Ephraim are lost in a geode cave, holding each other and crying.
  • Also in the opening, Arista is sadly following Wren out of the forest after her departure, with Wren sadly eyeing her.
  • Let's face the facts: the entire series' backstory is essentially one big whopping tearjerker when you think about it:
    • An entire race is wiped out. They're all mercifully hunted down by outraged pedestrians and a relentless monarchy. Nakahi were hunted down like animals for a price and their bodies were discarded into the ocean like garbage. Not even children were safe.
    • Let's not forget the Collapse. As horrifying as the incident is regarded, a portion of Mirus sank into the ocean and a lot of people died or were left homeless.
    • The entire Chetwode Affair scandal.

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