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Nightmare Fuel / Hollow Earth

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Hollow Earth, an upcoming web animation series about a terrakinetic protagonist and her family set in a post-apocalyptic future earth... with how it bravely tackles issues like bigotry, child abuse, and genocide, you know it's gonna get dark.

Buckle up, buttercup, because this series ain't for kids


  • The demise of the Nakahi race and the events that led up to it. The Collapse - in summary - was a massive earthquake caused by a group of Nakahi when they got into a brawl with a group of mortals. Earthquakes alone can be devastating enough, but with the combined force of their terrakinesis, this quake was powerful enough to sink a good portion of Mirus, killing hundreds. Needless to say, the incident was regarded as a national tragedy, but it was also enough for the Nakahi and Mortals to start going after each other in the haze of mass hysteria. Nakahi were to be regarded as enemies of the state, with a nationwide bounty placed on them too boot.
    • The ferocity of the Bounty in itself is horrifying to think about. You have two classes of people pitted against each other, both sides doing their best to survive the wrath, while one of the party is being readily paid by the government for each body they bring in. After the bodies were brought in? They were discarded into the ocean.
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    • Wordof God has said that mortals who were openly against the Bounty and allied with Nakahi were imprisoned at best, executed at worst. Not even those on neutral standings were safe.
  • Subine. Literally everything about him. Let's see now...first of foremost,he's a shapeshifter capable of disguising himself as anything or anyone, as well as being able to put on any facade he likes. Secondly, he's literally been around for centuries and cannot be killed. The icing on the cake? He works as a professional hitman, killing and running,and he happens to be a Super-Persistent Predator. There's no stopping him or discouraging him once he's on the job. Sweet dreams.
  • Indigo's death. Picture this: you're running from a group of bounty hunters and their dogs while trying to escape with your infant child. Suddenly, you get shot in the leg, decreasing your mobility greatly. Your pursuers draw nearer and nearer, so you abandon the baby in a last-ditch effort to save them, and then you run back into the hunting party's line of sight to distract them...only for their dogs to catch up and finish the job. Imagine your last moments are being torn apart by ravenous dogs, all the while you're hoping and praying that your child isn't found so they won't befall the same fate...
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  • The stakes are so high for Arista that they're genuinely hard to think about. She's forced to leave the only home she has ever known because some abomination of a predator is after her, she discovers that she has some bizarre earth-bending ability that she had no previous knowledge of and has no idea how to use it, also while having strange prophetical dreams sent by her dead and (equally distrusting) Nakahi relatives, while she's going to have to try to blend in with a class of people that would outright kill her if they discovered her identity. This journey ain't going to be no walk in the park for her.

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