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Hollow Earth being set in a world after the destruction of our own civilization means it does lean towards dark and sad topics, but it also has several moments showing the brighter points of life, and the love between friends, lovers, and family, offering some much needed warm fuzzies to round out an epic tale.

WARNING: Thar be spoilers ahead!

  • It's a very sweet thought to think that a pair of extremely wealthy and powerful rulers who are from a discriminatory line during the events prior to the series took in someone of the opposite side to care for. Even as scandalous as things turned out, Lachlan and Ute clearly had the best of intentions of giving Indigo shelter and attempting to provide her with the best life they could.

  • Arista's bond with her Avaquik family. We have a bunch of giant, mighty animals that could easily devour her in one gulp, but nope - they love her and cherish her as though she is one of them. Even those who initially disagreed with Arista's residence in Greenup have come to love her! It's also very obvious that the love is mutual from Arista's side, too.
    • Arista in general, really. She's this young woman who has come from very humble upbringings(technically homelessness by human standards)and has really had to buckle down and learn to provide for herself in very unforgiving conditions. Despite the harsh life in the woods, she's a very friendly and helpful individual who just wants to live life to the fullest and make others happy. Sure, she has her own setbacks and flaws, but she never lets them get in the way of her being a good person.
    • Arista's bonds with Wren and Geneva are especially notable. Arista acts as Wren's sight and is almost always with her, joking and talking and quarreling as sisters do. With Geneva, it's very clear that Arista is her baby and loves her adopted daughter as though she'd given birth to her. Arista also addresses Geneva as "mama" or "mommy" even as an adult. Aww.

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  • The fact that Wren - a somewhat bitter and cynic heiress due to her blindness with fears that everyone doubts her ability to lead on day - willfully choosing to go with Arista on a perilous cross-country journey. Why? Because they've never been apart and Wren can't bear to lose her little sister.

  • Ephraim and Nashoba's friendship.

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