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Web Animation / Fight! Kikkoman

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He came from the planet of Soy
Warrior of Justice, Kikkoman!

Hello, guys from any culture.
Here is good news that
Kikkoman is tired of Japan.
He decided to fight all over the world.
—Intro to the English version of the Fight! Kikkoman video

Back in the early 2000s, some ASCII artists on the web forum 2channel used Shift-JIS to create a parody superhero based on Kikkoman soy sauce. Soy Sauce Warrior Kikkoman was a muscular man with a head resembling the silver fish-shaped packets used for soy sauce in Japan, wearing nothing but a cape, gloves and boots, and a fundoshi, with the Kikkoman logo superimposed on his chest.

Then a user named Yogatori created a Flash animation based on the character, which depicted him fighting off other condiment-based superheroes. After an English translation was released, it quickly became something of a viral sensation.



  • Anthropomorphic Food: In addition to Kikkoman and his allies and rivals, there are also the "food monsters" who want to defeat Kikkoman because his soy sauce makes them irresistibly delicious.
  • The Cameo: The Flash animation features an appearance by Mona Neko, another popular 2ch mascot, whom Kikkoman advises on his choice of sauce.
  • Cool Bike: Kikkoman rides around on a fish-shaped motorcycle.
  • Don't Try This at Home: A "Do not try this, kids!" caption when Kikkoman hangs from a blimp shaped like a giant packet of soy sauce. It appears again after Kikkoman has sex with what appears to be his Distaff Counterpart.
  • Finishing Move: Kikkoman has two, the Kikko Punch and the Kikko Beam.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: This explanation for how Kikkoman's "Kikko Punch" works appears for only a brief second.
    Let us explain.
    Kikko Punch
    The power of the punch which
    comes form [sic] Kikkoman's unnecessarily-built
    body is far more than what you imagine.
    In addition, since Kikkoman is always using
    his gloves for brewing soy sauce, you'd be
    itchy when you get punched by him!
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  • Never My Fault: After using his ally Suman as a human shield, Kikkoman blames Woshoman for Suman getting injured.
  • Product as Superhero: The cartoon appears to be a parody of the concept, given Kikkoman's bizarre character design and jerkish behavior.
  • The Rival: "Foreign sauces" such as Worchestershire sauce and tomato ketchup (represented by Woshoman and Ketchupman) appear to be Kikkoman's enemy.
  • Suicide as Comedy: In the original version of the video, Mona abruptly hangs himself after Kikkoman scolds him for forgetting to use soy sauce on his omlet. This was later censored to having Mona sulk in the Corner of Woe saying "How stupid I am!" instead.