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The movie has effectively doomed itself by removing The Burning Legion
Without them, most of the major antagonist forces that are featured in later games will not exist or not as interesting. The movie has doomed itself into becoming yet another generic High Fantasy movie series in a market that is tired of the genre.
  • The Legion is not removed, merely not shown yet. The existence of fel magic, as well as some sort of demonic force that ties Gul'dan and Medivh together, implies heavily that they exist. It might just be saved for later.
  • Additionally, something must have caused Draenor to slowly die off. And it's heavily implied that Gul'dan, who was the one who sold the entire Orc race to be thralls of the Burning Legion in the original games, had something to do with it.
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  • Gul'dan being behind Draenor's withering is all but confirmed — Durotan realizes it in the movie, though too late. There are definitely hints at larger forces at play, as Medivh's demonic possession had to come from somewhere.
  • Also, since we see draenei prisoners at the beginning of the movie, we know eredar are out there.
  • Keep in mind, even in the game universe's lore, noone in Stormwind (those who were involved in the first war), knew of Sargeras or the Burning Legion. The only characters in-universe who canonically knew of the Legion were Medivh, his mother Aegwynn, and the very secretive Council of Tirisfal, who are almost as secretive as the Men in Black. Canonically, most characters on Azeroth had no idea who Sargeras and the Burning Legion were until the Third war, some 25 years after these events, when the Legion invaded in full force.
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  • No Burning Legion means no transformation of Ner'zhul into the Lich King, which means no Scourge and no Third War, which would mean neglecting epic material for potential sequels. The Legion will show up if sequels are made.
  • Excepting Gul'dan's affiliation with the Burning Legion and the Old Horde being an arm of the group, the only real impact that the Burning Legion had on the events of this time period was Sargeras's possession which was clearly demonstrated as a separate entity possessing Medivh even if Sargeras wasn't named. That Gul'dan had a master isn't relevant to the story and for the term to be used for the Old Horde would confuse the matter when the main brunt of the Legion comes to play.
  • Although not seen, Garona does confirm that Gul'dan has gained his power from what he called a "demon", and she described its voice as "fire and ash". So while not referred to as such, it's strongly implied the Burning Legion is a part of this continuity.

The new orc Warchief after the movie will be Grommash
Since the Blood of Mannoroth is nowhere to be seen in the movie, Grommash's original role won't be as important, meaning he'll have to be given another one for his drama and character to remain relevant for the Warcraft III adaptation. Since Orgrim does not seem to be in a good condition to rule following the movie's events, and Grommash was recently used as Warchief in Warlords of Draenor, he could take on Doomhammer's role in the sequel. His atoner tendencies will be connected more to his service to Gul'dan and his actions as Warchief, rather than his role in drinking the Blood.
Taria Wrynn was a Chocolate Baby.
But in a world where Medivh talks about his dalliance with an orc like it's nothing, nobody really cares.

The Blood of Mannoroth will be a major plot point in the sequel
While it wasn't introduced in this movie, the Blood of Mannoroth's existence is hinted by the effects of fel energy, which turns an orc's skin green or mutates a being into a demon. Since Gul'dan's popularity with the Horde was shaken by his dishonorable use of magic against Durotan in a mak'gora and his orders to have Lothar killed was blocked by orcish traditions, he will no doubt try to find another means to rally the Horde under his banner without their code of honor stopping him. And what better way to destroy the old traditions and honor than by seducing the orcs into drinking demon blood, which would then cause the Horde to be enslaved by the Legion and drive them into a complete frenzy?

The true form of Alodi
is the black cube itself, but since interacting with other mortals is a bit difficult when you're a black cube, it can appear as any previous Guardian of Tristfal. And the old woman it shows is the previous Guardian, Medivh's mother.

The movie universe is doomed by canon.
Rather than just being a simple adaptation, various members of the game's writing staff have confirmed the movie to be another universe within Warcraft's multiverse. However, it was implied in the books Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects and War Crimes that any divergence in the timeline would have led to the Twilight of the Aspects.
  • It was also implied (again in Thrall:Tot A, but also in the short story that followed Garrosh to alt-Draenor) that alternate timelines would eventually disappear if not sustained by a powerful being or artifact.

The fight in the Cold Opening takes place in the Barrens.
Just going by the landscape. Desolate wasteland, sea in the distance in one direction, forest in another.
  • Alternatively, it could be Westfall - especially considering nobody knows of Kalimdor at this point.

The sequel will compress the Second War and Lord of the Clans.
Since the Sequel Hook was Thrall being found by Lord Blackmooore and Garona is now Warchief as a symbol that Orcs are already redeemable it might just time skip to Lord of the Clans - Thrall escaping, learning of his people, and helping to redeem them. The Second War could either be the Humans attempting to exterminate the Orcs (and take back their lost land), or the Orcs fighting in order to capture enough land to survive, or possibly both, with similar Death By Canon outcomes for many characters - killed but in different contexts).
  • It could end with Gul'Dan finding the Tomb of Sargeras, and instead of getting killed, it transforms him into the Lich King in Ner'Zhul's place.

The Siege of Lorderon will be replaced with the Siege of Stormwind in the Sequel
Considering Llane died in the Siege of Stormwind in the original canon, we've already missed the moment. Meanwhile, the Alliance has started being formed from Llane's death (which was supposed to happen in Lorderon), it might simplify the entire process by not really having to introduce Lorderon at a significant level in the sequel and letting us revel in this mighty city we're already familiar with.
  • Or the Siege of Stormwind could serve as the Action Prologue of the sequel, showcasing us the new, improved Horde of Warcraft II.

Duncan Jones will make a Creator Cameo in the sequel as the goblins' representative in the Horde
Who else is worthy of being a goblin Trade Prince than the heir to the Goblin King himself?

Beyond the Dark Portal will be Adapted Out
It does not really serve a purpose in the overall storyline other than destroying Draenor and introducing us to Ner'zhul, and happens after the climax of the orc-human war.

Being resuscitated by magic is what gives Thrall (eventually) his Seer abilities

Lothar has been corrupted by the fel
Fel corrupted humans have green eyes, and during his final close-up one can clearly see Lothar's dark green eyes. However during the rest of the movie Lothar has blue eyes like his acter Travis Fimmel.

In this continuity, Gul'dan will become the first Lich King.
Since Ner'zhul has been removed from the story entirely, Gul'dan's our only orc Warlock. Potential sequels will show Gul'dan seeking further power by raising the Tomb of Sargeras. Rather than simply dying here, the Legion will do to him what happened to Ner'zhul, tear him apart until he's reminded of his place and then made into the Lich King. And since he'd be made into pieces anyway, there's the perfect opportunity to clean up his skull for Illidan to get a hold of in the future.
  • Ner'zhul is too memetically famous for him to be adapted out. Everyone knows the line "My life for Ner'zhul". If someone says "My life for Gul'dan", people will be asking where's Ner'zhul.
  • Gul'dan as the Lich King makes for a pretty good Composite Character, especially in Adaptation Distillation. Considering how similar their roles are to begin with, this wouldn't be hard. Both of them created their own death knights. Ner'zhul doomed his people on accident partially thanks to the machinations of his apprentice Gul'dan. It's fairly easy at that point to simply make it Gul'dan, and intentional, all along. Gul'dan and Ner'zhul also contributed to Draenor becoming Outland, and it would be a simple matter to make Outland the final consequence of Gul'dan's actions. The movie also hammered in that there is a cost to the fel, and Gul'dan has yet to pay it. Gul'dan being transformed into the Lich King for his failure would be fairly similar to his original fate, while also helping to explain why the Lich King is so evil (despite Ner'zhul being more sympathetic). Also, it would allow Gul'dan to stay as a sort of Big Bad to the series as a whole, since he already survived the first movie. Finally, Ner'zhul really seems like a character you would at least have wanted a cameo of in the first movie if you were going to use him, especially since they weren't shy about dropping the other Warlords into the background or having a sympathetic portrayal of the fall of the orcs from the beginning (he wasn't even in the prequel novel). Not to mention, Arthas is more iconic in the long run anyway, so whose spirit is in a set of empty armor doesn't matter so much. I predict that, probably at the end of the next movie, Gul'dan is going to have finally lost the support of the Horde he was barely hanging onto in this movie, just like in Warcraft II. In desperation, he is going to seek help from his masters, only to be destroyed and reborn as their next pawn, the Lich King. This might even be the first time the movie universe confirms that there is a greater Legion out there.

Orgrim is in love with Durotan
there are ways he moves, looks, and acts in reaction to his friend. betrayal or not, there's some UST going on there.
Every major World of Warcraft expansion villain will be shown in the next movie, save for Illidan
  • Grommash could be an important military commander in the Horde. Garrosh could be shown earlier in the movie as a child, perhaps to show Grom is not a one-dimensional berserker.
  • Arthas will be shown as a kid playing with Varian in Lordaeron after Stormwind is conquered by the Horde.
  • Deathwing was present during the Second War and could serve as an important secondary antagonist.
  • Sargeras could at least be mentioned if Gul'dan is going to his tomb.
  • Gul'dan is already there.
  • Kel'Thuzad will be a young Kirin Tor mage witnessing early undeads created by Gul'dan and being impressed.

Turalyon will be Lothar's Replacement Goldfish in the next film
The death of Callan will be used to establish Lothar being a father figure for Turalyon, setting up Turalyon ultimately taking up his sword and rallying the Allaince at the end of the Second War.

Archimonde will tear Dalaran out of the sky in an adaptation of the Third War
Many have expressed concerns that Dalaran already flying prior to the events of Wrath of the Lich King will change its fate in Warcraft III. However, all this means is that its fate will be all that much more dramatic (see the vision in Khadgar's Harbinger video).

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