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Tear Jerker / Warcraft (2016)

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to this page. There will be unmarked spoilers below. You have been warned.

  • The film begins with an act of genocide, as hundreds of pleading and helpless Draenei men, women, and children are slaughtered via Gul'Dan's magic to fuel the portal. The Draenei had just witnessed their entire world and civilization devastated beyond saving by the Orcs and the fel, and probably realized they were being forced to aid in the destruction of another. And due to the nature of how they died, there is no guarantee that their torment ended in death.
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  • Durotan's mak'gora. His resignation after the loss of his clan and family. Challenging Gul'dan to single combat, Gul'dan accepts, believing Durotan will be an easy victory, only for Durotan to more than match him. Gul'dan promptly cheats, resorting to fel magic to drain Durotan's life, only for Durotan to get back up, declaring Gul'dan has no honor and charge him one last time...only for Gul'dan to seize him and drain him slowly as Durotan struggles to the last, growing feebler all the while until Gul'dan flings his shriveled, desiccated corpse aside with Doomhammer watching his best friend die so horribly at the hands of the monster who destroyed their home.
  • Medivh sheds a Single Tear as he dies in remorse for unwittingly bringing the orcs to Azeroth.
  • King Llane's death. Poor Garona finds herself forced to kill him to spare him a Fate Worse than Death and to spare her own life so she will be respected and trusted by the orcs, and therefore be able to work for a peace between humans and orcs. She tries not to cry all the way through. And things get even sadder as Lothar now thinks his lover betrayed Llane.
  • Draka's death as she tries to save her son, dying with her gaze fixed on his basket as it floats down the river.
    • Also, Draka sending baby Thrall away.
  • Lothar able to do nothing but watch as his son, Callan, dies.


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