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WARNING: Spoilers Off Applies to this page. All spoilers will be unmarked. You have been warned.


  • In Ironforge, Magni is showing Lothar the gun the dwarf are crafting and turns toward a messenger carrying a letter. In the background, we see Lothar brandishing the gun with no idea of how it works, even looking directly into the barrel for a few seconds.
  • During the Orc ambush, Blackhand watches Lothar fight with keen interest. When a Red Shirt Silver Hand runs at him, he socks him without even breaking his glance.
  • When they enter Kharazan, Lothar asks Moroes where Medivh is. Cue the old butler gesturing toward the absurdly high staircase and both of them beginning the ascension. At one point, the scene cuts from Khadgar snooping around to Lothar and Moroes climbing. Lothar is exhausted and has to stop to regain his breath while the old man isn't even breathing hard and tells him to take deep breathes. When they finally reach Medivh, Lothar can barely stand and Moroes has to fetch him a drink.
    • Right after Moroes indicates the staircase, Lothar gives a look that pretty clearly conveys his feelings.
  • Lothar's wincing and cowering as he sees Medivh toss Khadgar around in the library with magic like a ragdoll.
    • Then Lothar holds his hand to Khadgar to help him getting up... only to hold it back at the last second and follow Medivh, leaving Khadgar on the ground.
  • Khadgar tries to babble his way out of telling Garona he doesn't want to sleep with her. Lothar is watching the whole thing with the same expression as the audience.
    • Garona reassures him that it's probably for the best, seeing as he probably wouldn't survive anyway.
    • For that matter, Garona's very blunt statement that Khadgar wants to sleep with her is hilarious in itself.
  • Whenever Khadgar gets ahold of Medivh's staff, he treats it like a sacred gift from gods, with all reverence and awe this implies. Medivh meanwhile handles it like a gaudy walking stick.
  • During Lothar and Llane's war council, Khadgar can be seen in the back stumbling around the armoury. When Llane asks him to speak up, he turns so fast he kicks over a shield, to a loud bang and Llane's exasperated expression.
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  • Khadgar goes to Dalaran to talk to the Council of Six about Medivh being corrupted and to ask them what Alodi is. The whole Council immediately piles on him the moment he arrives, saying he has no right to be before them, that he should have never come back, etc... but the moment Khadgar mentions those two things, Antonidas' reaction is an astonished "What?"
  • And when Antonidas takes Khadgar to Alodi, it opens up. Khadgar asks if he's supposed to go inside and Antonidas can only answer that he honestly has no idea, it's never done that before.
  • Several Mythology Gags are addressed to World of Warcraft players:
    • A murloc can be seen as Lothar and Khadgar travel in Elwynn forest. And it utters the race's characteristic "Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!".
    • Lothar is trying to negotiate being let out of his cell with the guard... and all of a sudden the guard isn't there anymore, replaced by a sheep.
      Lothar: [calmly] Hey, guard! I know you're just doing your job, and you do it very well, but I've calmed down now. So, please let me out so I can protect the King.
      [guard shakes his head no]
      Lothar: OPEN THE GATE!
      [guard turns toward the cell as Lothar continue screaming and is about to throw something, and is suddenly transformed into a sheep; Lothar briefly look at his hand, as if wondering how he did that before Khadgar appears]
      Khadgar: It works only on the weak-minded for about a minute. Here's your armor.
      [Lothar turns toward the sheep]
      Lothar: Sorry.
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    • When the guard shakes his head it's clear he's not even looking at Lothar, and the movement is accompanied by a very silly clattering noise.
    • The way Lothar looks on his hand in the aforementioned scene, for the few seconds before Khadgar comes into view. You can see him thinking, incredulously, Did I just turn this guy into a sheep? For that matter, the sheep's baaa as Lothar and Khadgar discuss somewhat serious matters.
  • During one scene, Durotan while looking at Go'el, attempts a stare contest with him, only for his son to try roaring at him while raising his hands, much to Draka's amusement. In The Stinger, Go'el is found by a human... and the scene ends on him trying to do the same "scary roar" face to said human. Made extra-funny if you played the game and know Go'el actually is Thrall, the future Warchief of the Horde.
  • Taria, being a human queen in a peaceful time, and Garona, being an orc, do not have the same idea of what weapons are appropriate for a woman. Garona is continually exasperated.
    Queen Taria: [giving Garona a tiny dagger] So you can defend yourself.
    Garona: [incredulous] With this?
  • When Orgrim wants Durotan's attention, he throws small stones at the other orc's head.
  • Orgrim's musings on fel and the Portal (paraphrased):
    Orgrim: Gods! You want power, you only have to build them a statue.
  • Definitely Black Comedy, but the way Khadgar just starts crying while Durotan is holding him with a hand over his mouth (thus preventing magic) is hilarious. Made even more so after he's released as it's obvious that he can't believe he's still alive.
  • A deleted scene has some of the orcs discussing the Fel. Blackhand says that warriors are forged in battle, not made with magic, while Grom asks "Why be strong enough when you can be even stronger?" and growls impressively. Orgrim just looks nonplussed.
    Orgrim: Yes, but... you're green.
    [everyone but Grom laughs]



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