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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to this page. There will be unmarked spoilers below. You have been warned.


  • Gul'Dan opening the Dark portal by sacrificing numerous Draenei, complete with a New Era Speech, and the Orcish war party running into it to invade Azeroth. The Visual Effects of Awesome of the portal, the first ever peek into the nightmare that is interdimensional travel both deserve a mention.
  • For both those who played the RTS games with just locations names on maps and those who played World of Warcraft, seeing Stormwind, Ironforge, Dalaran, Karazhan and many other such familiar places finally brought to life with glorious Scenery Porn in a film is a marvel to behold.
  • The forest ambush is full of these for both sides.
    • First, the orcs make their presence known by throwing a hammer at some poor soldier so hard they crush his armor.
    • Blackhand grabbing a horse and throwing it easily, crushing another two Stormwind soldiers.
    • Lothar cutting down the first orc to die on-screen without the help of magic.
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    • An equal parts awesome and horrifying moment is when Blackhand loses his hand to Lothar's boomstick. Think about it from his perspective. This puny, pink-skinned creature is pointing what looks like a tiny, harmless trumpet at you. And suddenly, your hand is completely destroyed. The shocked, terrified look on Blackhand's face amidst his cries of agony say it all.
    • Medivh, under the protection of a shielding spell from Khadgar, finishes the skirmish by turning the fel against the orcs, killing most of them. Only Blackhand, Garona and the few Frostwolves present survive.
  • Draka leaping out of waist-deep water and tearing a warrior's throat out, with her teeth, proving that those fangs aren't just for show. You can tell that she never would have fled in the first place if not for her son.
  • It turns out that the toughest, strongest, and most badass orc in the movie isn't Orgrim or Durotan, but Gul'Dan. As the hunched, elderly orc strides into the dueling ring without a hint of fear, sheds his robe, and slowly stand upright a good eight or so feet, it begins to sink in just how thoroughly the Squishy Wizard trope has been subverted.
    • Durotan's reaction is impressive as well. He may have called the duel expecting a fight with a shriveled old husk, but he doesn't even blink when a hulking, unholy beast stands to greet him instead. Durotan spits into his hands, shrugs of his frostwolf pelt, charges into the fray and gives Gul'dan a run for his money, complete with a Mighty Roar (picture).
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    • It's even better because Gul'dan has to cheat and use his magic to win. It's partly because Medivh is opening the portal and he needs to hurry, but the fact that Durotan was that tough really earns him points.
    • Thinking he's run out of time, Gul'dan orders Blackhand to finish Durotan off. Blackhand finally gets to show himself as an honorable orc.
      Blackhand: This is a mak'gora... You will respect our traditions! (Throws Gul'dan's staff to the ground) Keep fighting!
  • Even Durotan's final moments are a last great moment for the honorable orc. Even after having his life drained and being clearly beaten beyond the ability to fight Gul'dan further, Durotan forces himself to stand, roars Gul'dan's name and declares he has no honor before charging him one last time. Even when Gul'dan is draining him to death, Durotan never stops trying to fight back until the moment of his death.
  • After Gul'Dan wins his fight with Durotan, Doomhammer rallies the orcs in condemning his cowardly use of magic in an honor duel. Gul'Dan proceeds to casually vaporize the two nearest orcs, then orders the others to fall in line. They do.
  • Khadgar exorcising Medivh. Repeat, Khadgar exorcises Medivh and resists fel by sheer willpower. The backlash of which cause the entire region around the tower to become barren, but not corrupted by it. And, depending on how close the film is to the game's lore, the demon might even have been Sargeras.
    • Judging by the golden glow after reciting the Survival Mantra that Alodi recited to him, this could have been him channeling the power of the Holy Light itself. This is supported by the fact that Fel Magic is traditionally weakened by the power of the Holy Light and has a golden glow just like the one Khadgar has, whereas the Arcane Magic (which, itself, is descended from Fel Magic in the lore) that Khadgar and Medivh use has a blue glow to it.
    • Medivh gets a great moment by turning his golem into a proto-Infernal.
    • Khadgar's story during the movie in general, as he progressively becomes more confident and more adept at employing his magic. At first he seems like a typical annoying sidekick, but the movie consistently shows that he's anything but, to the point that every time he uses magic effectively is a tiny moment of awesome in itself. The biggest is the aforementioned, but another one is the first time he uses the teleportation spell: Even Lothar is impressed.
  • The final duel is quite anti-climatic, but absurdly awesome in it's own way. Lothar wakes up after being knocked unconscious to find himself in a ring, facing a heavily mutated Blackhand. He's totally unarmored and not even wearing shoes, he's already took an incredible beating, and he's half the size of his opponent. The battle lasts about ten seconds, and involves just two moves on Lothar's part. The entire horde goes totally silent at said result, all staring at Lothar with near religious awe. Despite Gul'Dan's screamed orders to kill him, they let Lothar pass through their ranks unharmed and even prepare his mount and the body of his king, while giving him orcish salutes.
    • Even better, although Lothar does not know it, his how his victory in of itself further destroyed Gul'dan's position among the Orc horde, hence their complete refusal to follow Gul'dan's orders to kill him. Gul'dan forcibly infused Blackhand with the power of the Fel, proclaiming that it would make Blackhand stronger than any Orc had ever been. Yet Lothar, not empowered by any magic and a normal Human that is not as physically strong as the average Orc, kills Blackhand quickly and decisively. In other words, Lothar, in becoming a Worthy Opponent, also became a symbol of strength of one without the Fel.
    • A smaller part of the scene can be pretty awesome to those paying attention: The orcs that personally block Guldan's way include Kargoth of the Shattered Hand and Grom Hellscream! Both are big time orc leaders and the fact that they're willing to defy Gul'dan so blatantly shows just how ruined the warlock's reputation is at this point.
    • Shout out to the gryphon, as well, displaying in one scene just why the Alliance considers them its go-to aerial combat mount even after the gnomes perfect gunship technology. It takes down multiple orcs effortlessly, shredding them with beak and talon, and battering them aside with its powerful wings to open their guard.
  • At King Llane's funeral: "For Azeroth! For the Alliance!" "FOR AZEROTH! FOR THE ALLIANCE!" First cried out by Lothar and then echoed by the forces of Stormwind, Ironforge and Quel'thalas.
  • The first time "For Azeroth!" is said in the movie is also a moment of awesome, albeit a dying one. Callan says this to his father to psyche himself for his Last Stand against Blackhand's forces.


  • The fact that the movie was made at all, and with such dedication and enthusiasm from its makers.
  • The movie was a killer in China. It made a whopping ninety million dollars there during just the first two days of its showing, and accounted for over 80% of local ticket sales that day. In the end it managed to locally outgross Captain America: Civil War, the China-pandering heavyweight Kung Fu Panda 3 and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens, of all things — in fact, it grossed more during its Chinese opening week-end than the entire run of The Force Awakens there.
  • Although it bombed in the USA, Warcraft is now the highest-grossing movie to be based on a video game worldwide, surpassing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, in no small part due to China (see above).
  • "We will not sell the movie rights, not to you… especially not to you. Because it's such a big online game success, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongoing income, what the company has with it." This was what Blizzard Entertainment told Uwe Boll when he wanted to make the film. For fans of the game, it showed they wanted to treat the license with respect and, for those who know of Boll's practices, a great Shut Up, Hannibal! moment. And while the film was critically panned, it didn't look cheaply made and earned approval from most fans of the franchise who watched it.


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