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Wammy's House is in fact the central organization from Men in Black.
Well, with all the One Letter Names around, there ought to be a connection. They're both top-secret, as well. Also, the Shinigami are aliens.

Wammy's House is The Academy.
Think about it. A creepy place that takes kids and creates creepy teenagers and young adults out of them, with abnormal abilities, who also end up being pretty much broken, with weird quirks and actions, along with the ability to torture and kill without remorse. Both fit that perfectly.

L's successors' growth was intentionally stunted by the Wammy House, giving them their youthful appearances
Mello looks like a little girl at 17 years old. When Near's about 19 years old, he still looks about 7. This is because of the Wammy house's experience with L, who was not only extremely intelligent, but also very strong, making him a hazard and a complete loss if he ever decided to escape. Because of this, the Wammy house drugged L's two successors with an anti-growth hormone, making them too weak to escape or cause as much damage as L potentially could have. Mello still exercised and remained strong. Near played inside on the floor with his puzzles, leaving him incapacitated and making it extremely difficult for him to even move off the floor. While he remained extremely intelligent, the Wammy House's drugging has left him immobile and parasitic to whatever organization takes care of him.
  • L himself, curiously, can easily blend in with high school students in his mid 20's, so it's possible the experiments began with him.
    • Or L's really good with hypnosis, and this whole time we haven't even seen the real L yet. So far it's only a random high school student that played too many video games hypnotised into believing that he's the real deal.

Wammy House feeds its charges from L's generation and later APTX-4869 when they are old enough for their bodies to handle it.
It didn't work well on L, or they hadn't perfected it. It worked better on Mello and Near.]]
All the chairs at Wammy's House have really strange design.
That would explain why everyone from Wammy's sits so bizarrely. L's pose is famous, but his successors don't sit normally either. Near seems to kneel or lie down most of the time, and Mello sort of lounges. Admittedly, I myself don't really sit normally, but still...
  • Well, I sit with my legs crossed, even if the chair has arms. So, it doesn't mean anything besides the fact that they are strange, just like me.
  • What about Matt? He sits normally.

The Wammy House is a genetic engineering laboratory.
This would explain why so-called orphans that shared unusual idiosyncracies would congregate in the same agency. The story about the orphanage is just a deterrent to industrial saboteurs. L is a prototype, and Mello and Near were made from modifications on his template. This also explains why Near was talking about being his "heirs" and surpassing him.

Wammy's House is a Division of the Company.
A morally grey organization that trains / experiments on special children (i.e. superintelligence, Shinigami eyes, etc.) for an equally ambiguous purpose of becoming the next L and "fighting the forces of evil."

Wammy's House is one of the Peterson Schools.
A top secret program that rounds up genius kids who all, "coincidentally," one day become superheroes or supervillains...

Wammy's House is a training branch of VFD.
I mean, think about it. Whammy's House takes orphans and trains them to be detectives. And all of the people who leave go by an initial, like VFD members. It's fairly obvious.

V was trained at Wammy's House.
Let's see... British guy, a mad genius who fights against a dystopian state, who hides his identity and is only known by a letter... and Remember, remember the 5th of November-that's the day when L and Watari died!

The Joker is a Wammy's House Reject.
Contrary to what he says in his Hannibal Lecture he's very good at
Xanatosing. No one knows his true name or past. And the Joker says he "hated his father." Wammy's seems to be full of Well Done Son Guysand Beyond seems to think L was neglectful towards his orphans. The Joker probably went by the code letter J and was best buds with Beyond Birthday and like Beyond, Mr. J decided he had no use for L's plans and decided to drop out to cause murder and mayhem instead.

Wammy's House is actually a place for young and aspiring/childhood criminals

The whole 'Detective'and 'Genius Orphan' things are just masks put up, though they were still doubtfully true as well. It does make a bizarre amount of sense if one thinks about it enough. The only reason L and his successors went up against Kira, other than for the money, was so they could continue their criminal acts/stay alive.

My Theories:

  • L is a big crime boss that controls most of the professional criminal world. He started young and was able to rise up quickly because of the influence of Watari's money.
  • Near is a young killer and thief who only sees the world as an illusion and humans as his playtoys. He only holds affections for Linda, a girl he knows from Wammy's House.
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  • Mello is an demolition expert and professional arsonist. He has burns all over his body from previous encounters with fire.
  • Matt is a hacker who steals money from banks and information daily.

    • Somebody better write a fanfiction based on this idea.

The Wammy House uses sweets to encourage its students.
Mello likes chocolate bars, L likes cake/sugar/anything sweet, and Beyond eats jelly. Maybe Near doesn't like sweets so they rewarded him with toys and puzzles instead.

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