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The Horned Nobles are descendants of Wander.
And the Beast Fighters are mass produced colossi.
After La Gohl's death, Kenichi will rule Boazania
Since Kenichi is La Gohl's firstborn son as Heinel's gone, it's likely he'll be the first in line for the throne. Of course, this would cause conflict as Kenichi considers Earth his home. I doubt Daijiro or Hiyoshi would be interested in ruling Boazania.
Heinel will rule Boazania as part of his redemption
In sequel manga Victory Five it's revealed that Heinel survived the explosion and became Knight Monohorn. Despite his war crimes, La Gohl will pardon him. When La Gohl dies, Kenichi, Daijiro and Hiyoshi will choose to stay on Earth, while Heinel rules. He will strive to redeem himself, much like Zuko. He will remind the Boazanian people that his own brothers are hornless. Sometimes Kenichi, Daijiro and Hiyoshi will visit him.
Boazania wasn't inspired by France, France is inspired by Boazania
Now this may sound like I'm joking at first, but hear me out -In the anime, it's established that the Boazanians have perfected space travel and have had contact with aliens of other planets, such as Gardo. Going to other planets is nothing new for them, since that's how they conquer them and assimilate them into The Empire. What if some point in the past, a bunch of Hornless Boazanians took a ship to Earth and assimilated there? With them they took their culture of wearing frilly dresses, colonizing others and revolting against governments, and induced it into the land they lived in. That is why the Boazanian Empire seems to be inspired by France.

To hide their existence, the Boazanians rewrote history to make it look like France was a country founded by humans.note  This way, the Horned Boazanians wouldn't try to go after them.

The French people today are descendants of the Hornless Boazanians, oblivious that they are in fact aliens from another planet.

Megumi's mother is kidnapped/enslaved
We've never seen her on-screen and she's always mentioned in past tense. Considering the large amounts of raids the Boazanians commit on the human populace, it's plausible that she was included in one - especially since she's related to two members of Big Falcon.
Girion's parents
So we know Gohl isn't Horned yet produced a Horned son, Heinel. So what if Girion's mother, a Hornless lady, had a child with a Horned man resulting in Girion. She could have passed off the baby as her Hornless husband's to make sure she didn't get caught cheating, even though the horn is pretty damning evidence.
Jangal's respect for Heinel
In spite of how horrible Heinel is, Jangal continues to have unwavering faith in him no matter what. While this could be explained as him Just Following Orders, it's also stated that before, Heinel graduated at the top of the Boazanian military academy. During his tenure there (or afterwards) Heinel must have done something so noteworthy it cemented Jangal's faith in him, like successfully invade another nation, put down a huge rebellion or win a war.

Godol is a Baam
Godol appears to wear Roman-style armour despite being from Space France. Perhaps the horns on the mecha were a result of the legend getting muddied up as the years passed by, or because the Boazanians considered him a honourary Boazan for rescuing their planet.