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This is a page about the characters appearing in the Anime Voltes V. Just as a warning, this page probably contains spoilers.

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The Big Falcon Camp

    Kenichi Gou 

Kenichi Gou (剛健一 , Gō Kenichi, Steve Armstrong)

He is the Voltes V team leader. He is a marksman, a Motocross champion, and Ace Pilot, and the eldest of the three Gō brothers. He was a very adventurous child, but the disappearance of his father changed him: he became more responsible, caring for his younger brothers as well as for the people who depended on him. His uniform was red. Voiced by Yukinaga Shiraishi in the original version of Voltes V. He pilots the Volt Cruiser (Head).


    Ippei Mine 

Ippei Mine (峰一平 , Mine Ippei, Mark Gordon)

He is a rodeo champion. He was orphaned while still a young boy. His mother died trying to save him from a pack of wolves. After his mother's death, he grew bitter, aloof, but cool under crisis. He learned how to live in the streets and perform odd jobs. This kind of life strengthened his personality. Upon joining the rodeo, he learned to ride horses and how to use a whip. He found his greatest friend in a white stallion known as Aiful ("Alpha"). The two, man and beast, became inseparable. He won two rodeo championship contests with Aiful as his horse. Then one day, The Earth International Defense Force asked Ippei to join the team. When he refused, he was taken forcibly, so for the first time, Ippei and Aiful where separated. Dr. Hamaguchi has Aiful brought to Big Falcon early in the series. His uniform was blue. Voiced by Kazuyuki Sogabe in the original Voltes V series. He pilots the Volt Bomber (Arms).

  • The Lancer: To Kenichi
  • Ineffectual Loner: Ippei has dead parents, not to mention that he's the only unrelated guy in the Voltes team (Kenichi has his brothers, Megumi is the daughter of their Big Good). A constant theme in his Character Development is him learning how to deal with his issues.

    Daijirou Gou 

Daijirou Gou (剛大次郎 , Gō Daijirō, Robert "Big Bert" Armstrong)

He is the defense tactician. He was once a playful child but Daijirō's outlook in life suddenly changed when his father disappeared. Alarmed by this change in his personality, Mrs. Gō sent him to live in the country where a martial arts master taught him different fighting styles and forms of meditation. Upon rejoining his brothers, Daijirō was already a master of different hand-to-hand fighting styles. The naginata (fighting staff) became his favorite weapon. Together with Ken'ichi and Hiyoshi, Daijirō started training as a member of the Voltes V Team. Unlike in the group portrait above his uniform was dark green, not brown. Voiced by Tessho Genda in the original Voltes V. He pilots the Volt Panzer (Body Chest).

    Hiyoshi Gou 

Hiyoshi Gou (剛光代 , Gō Hiyoshi, "Little" John Armstrong)

He is a genius in inventing automatons. He has been interested in learning mechanics, robotics, and electromagnetism since a very young age, and was considered a Teen Genius by many university professors. He even created a funny little octopus-robot called Tako-chan ("Octo-One" in the dubbed version). But to his big brothers, Ken'ichi and Daijirō, Hiyoshi will always be a little brother, a child who never felt the warmth and love of a real father. He also excels in swimming and diving. Because of his exceptional talents, Hiyoshi was asked to join the Voltes V Team as a technical handyman, specifically for repairs during field operations. His uniform was light green. Voiced by Noriko Ohara in the original Voltes V series. Volt Frigate (Legs) is Hiyoshi's vehicle.

  • Badass Bookworm: Incredibly bright and good enough to join his brothers and friends in piloting Voltes V
  • Teen Genius: As said above, his speciality is building robots and anything mechanic while being barely in his early teens.
  • Youthful Freckles: He has a freckled face, is the youngest of the group and seems to be seen as the most innocent of the Voltes Team.

    Megumi Oka 

Megumi Oka (峰一平 , Ōka Megumi, Jamie Robinson)

She is a kunoichi (female ninja) and the 18th heir of the Koga-ryu ninja. Young, slim, and beautiful, Megumi received special training during her childhood. By the age of 13, she already possessed extraordinary skills and lightning reflexes. She also learned the gentle arts from her mother and can pull the Silk Hiding Steel card whenever it was needed; she fight and wear kimonos with equal ease and grace.Through her mother's guidance, Megumi became a person with a calm yet alert disposition. Joining the Voltes V Team, she was the voice of reason among the male members, especially whenever Ken'ichi and Ippei were about to clash during personal conflicts. Her cool demeanor and uncanny skills qualified Megumi as the fifth (and only female) member of the Voltes V team. Her uniform was yellow with pink accents. Voiced by Miyuki Ueda, who also played as the voice of Chizuru Nanbara in Combattler V, as Erika in the Daimos series, and as Marie Antoinette in The Rose of Versailles; the latter was another series which Nagahama, the creator of Voltes V, was one of the contributing directors. She pilots the Volt Lander (Feet).

    Professor Kentaro Gou 

Prof. Kentarou Gou/Prince Lagour (Dr. Ned Armstrong/Baron Hrothgar)

He is the father of the three Gou brothers and also of the Boazanian attack force leader, Prince Heinel; making Prince Heinel a half-brother of the three Gou brothers. He is a royal-blooded Boazanian born without horns and was next in line to the throne of Boazan. Due to this abnormality, based on Boazanian physical characteristics, he had to wear fake horns in order to avoid stigma and scandal. When his secret was revealed by his jealous and ambitious cousin, Zu Zambajil, he was branded a traitor, stripped of his title and imprisoned, until he was able to escape, leading him to Earth where he became The Professor. After the birth of his youngest son, Hiyoshi, he left Earth with the intention of returning to Boazania and putting an end to the tyrannical rule of, now Emperor, Zambajil. Voiced by Yuu Mizushima in the original Voltes V series.


    Professor Mitsuyo Gou 

Prof. Mitsuyo Gou (Dr. Mary Ann Armstrong)

She is the human wife of Dr. Kentarō Gō and the mother of the three Gō brothers. She met Lagour when he escaped Boazan and crash-landed on Earth. She later married Lagour and, as a Hot Scientist herself, assisted him in creating Voltes V. She raised her children on her own when her husband left, and continued to care for them until her death. She sacrificed herself to help Voltes V when it was under the mercy of a beast fighter.

    Professor Hamaguchi 

Prof. Hamaguchi (Dr. Richard Smith)

He is the commander of Camp Big Falcon fortress at the beginning of the Voltes V series. He helped design and build the Voltes V robot and is a good friend of Prof. Gō. He is somewhat a father figure to the Voltes team, especially to the Gou brothers due to his relationship with their father. He managed Big Falcon on Prof. Gō's behalf until he was killed saving Voltes V. Voiced in the original Voltes V by Seizo Katou.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He is in charge at Camp Big Falcon, and in general seems most concerned with stopping the Boazanian invasion force.
  • Team Dad: A parental figure for his best friend's sons and their friends.

The Boazanian Empire

    Emperor Zu Zambajil 

Emperor Zu Zambajil

The leader of the Boazanian Empire, Emperor Zambajil was the bastard child of the previous Emperor before clawing power away from the rightful heir. Under him, the Empire has become conquest hungry and cruel, treating other races as bugs to be squashed.

  • Bigger Bad: Doesn't appear until later in the series. For the first part, his nephew Heinel is calling the shots.
  • Evil Overlord

    Prince Heinel 

Prince Heinel (Prince Zardoz)

The initial antagonist that the Voltes V team faces, Prince Heinel was sent by his uncle the Emperor to conquer the Earth.



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